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Thread: VDO instrument glass removal

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    Question VDO instrument glass removal

    I would like to remove the glass on my 71 911S VDO instruments for cleaning. I am able to pull the instruments out but I can't seem to remove the bezel to get to the glass. I don't want to "brute force" it. Is the bezel threaded ? Does it " pop off" ?
    Any one know how to get to the glass ? Thanks!

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    DO NOT TRY TO TAKE THEM APART! If you want to come out looking like new send the to:

    North Hollwood Speedometer
    6111 Lankershim Blvd.
    North Hollywood, Ca. 91606
    818 761-5136

    You won't regret it!

    All the best!

    Roger Grago
    R Gruppe #27
    73 RS-T
    70 2.4MFI VW Bus

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    Talking Typos



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    Thanks. Yes, I am familiar with North Hollywood Speedometer.
    I live in S. California so they are close by. Maybe I should let the pros do it . It seems as though it should be easy to get the glass out doesn't it . It is frustrating ! But I probably should just take them to North Hollywood for a good cleaning.
    Thanks for the response !

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    Thumbs up Instruments

    The bezels are rolled on similar to how a tin can lid is put on. Getting them off is not the hard part. It can be done by using a small screw driver under the lip and VERY carefully working it around the edge all the way. It is VERY difficult to get the bezels back on without distorting them even if you are careful. North Hollywood Speedo has the device that VDO uses and when they are done they look like new. Money well spent!

    All the best!

    R Gruppe #27
    73 RS-T
    70 2.4 MFI VW Bus

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    can they change time

    Not really a big deal, but I thought I would ask.

    Do they repair the instrument to the far right as well? The second hand is frozen and I am losing five minutes per day.

    The shipping costs may negate this deal but it is worth asking.

    Thanks in advance. Shawn.

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    Thumbs up VDO Clock


    They can repair or custom make just about any VDO instrument.
    I had them make a combination volt and amp meter to take the place of my clock on my 73. Although the factory never offered it, you would never know it wasn't original. It's a perfect match to all my other instruments. It wasn't cheap, but to me well worth the expence. Their restoration of instruments is reasonable and it will be good as new. Hope this helps.

    All the best!

    R Gruppe #27
    73 RS-T
    70 2.4 MFI VW Bus

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    Senior Member WHCJr72S's Avatar
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    Oct 2002
    Bay Area
    The Clock in my 911 does not have a second hand. It has a moveable hand that you can set to what ever time you want. If you pull out the clock there is a place to adjust the time on the back. Also make sure that you clean the ground (brown wire) connection while you have it out.

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    the most expensive time piece I have ever bought

    My VDO KIENZIE clock has a short white hour hand, a longer white minute hand, and an even longer (currently parked at 12 o'clock) red/orange hand.

    I thought that this was a second hand. You mean that it is a to be set at "be home by diner" time and not a lap timer?

    Well, then I can live with the time delay. No telling me what time to get out of the p car...when we actually get summer.

    BTW, I keep the garage at 50 degrees to maintain low humidity and prohibit battery drain, is this adequate....other climately challenged early p car owners wanna help out here?

    Thanks, Shawn.

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    Early 911S Registry # 237 NeunElf's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
    San Dimas, CA
    North Hollywood can convert your clock to a quartz movement. I had that done on my VW Bus because it simply wasn't working at all. Now it's extremely accurate.

    Palo Alto Speedometer could probably do the same operation, too.

    Personally, I think an inaccurate clock is part of keeping the car "correct" for its period, but I'm not an "R Gruppe" member.

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