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Thread: Deep Six for track wheels

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    Question Deep Six for track wheels

    I have a questions regarding the use of my deep six wheels for the track. There have been some post (on other sites) regarding the lack of the proper lip to hold the tubeless tires verses the use of an inner tube for which these wheels are designed.

    Has anyone ever rolled a tubeless tire (I'll be using an set of Yoko 008R 205-60-15) on the deep sixes? Should I be concerned?

    Thanks, Bart

    71T w/2.7 RS spec

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    I'd be nervous using deep 6's on the much for the fact that they are getting rare, and more expensive than the flat 6's as worrying about loss of air pressure. But another option? You could put tubes in them, even running tubeless tires. There may be an increase in unsprung weight, but it would also add a margin of safety? I'm just mouthing off here, expressing thoughts for consideration...other than a bit of time trial and auto-x I don't have a lot of experience with this...And another option? 15" cookie cutters for track wheels...they don't weigh in that far from fuchs, sell for a lot less, and are designed for tubeless tires...
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    I'd have to go with Paul on this.

    I'm not a track guy either, but wouldn't you want track tires for the track, and street tires for the street?

    It would seem that you would tear up your street tires that aren't really suited for the track.

    Besides, you can get an extra set of 7x16' Fuchs relatively cheap and if you can't afford an extra set then you might want to reconsider if you can afford to race. I myself cannot afford it. Maybe someday.
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    I also have a set of deep 6's on my early 911, and I would think that you would want to run some fatter tires than the 6's for racing.
    The best option as stated above is to go with the cookie cutter (ATE) option if you want to stick with 6's all around. They are just as wide and are a dime a dozen (well, maybe $100 per wheel) and weigh about the same. I don't even dislike the look of them - in contrast to most people. It's just not the classic early 911 look.
    Oddly enough, I have read in numerous places that when Porsche first came out with the Fuchs wheel it received less than rave reviews. People thought they looked like wagon wheels. Who knows, maybe the cookie cutters will be all the rage in 20 years. I am not seling my deep 6's though......

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