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Thread: Early 6" Fuchs ID

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    Early 6" Fuchs ID

    I have just bought a RHD 67S which has a Fuchs wheel as a spares, part number is 901.361.012 06

    Can any one identify this rim?
    It has a 1" wider lip than the other 4 wheels which are std. 1969 6" Fuch (911.361.020.00)

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    4 1/2 is stock...

    Should have come with 5 X 4 1/2 " fuchs. I've been told these 4 1/2' fuchs are gold right now. I've heard $500-$600 each to buy on the "black-market".... I'm sure happy mine came with them. Nick...let me know on the deal I PM'ed you with.

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    I know that it should be on 4 1/2" rather than 6" so in the long term I will look for some correct rims. In the meantime I am bidding on a set of 4 1/2" steels and the 6" will go on my 70 2.2E

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    It's a Deep Six

    Your spare is a "deep" six. These were most common on 70' and 71' cars.

    It's my understanding that if a 6x15 starts with a it's a deep six. These were made until part way through the 71' model year when they switched to a "shallow" 6x15.
    The shallow sixes start with a number

    So I believe your wheels are most likely from a 72' or later car. With the spare being from an earlier car. If it's a 6x15 then it's a deep six and they usually bring a bit more money than the shallow six.

    It's strange when you think about the deep six being more valuable because it's an older design that was replaced so you could reliably use tubeless tires. But I guess it "looks" cooler.
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    I've always considered the glass to be half full...that is until I reached middle age and realized that it is actually half empty.

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    well just to throw some theories into touch the rim 911.361.020.00 is shown in my PET as being a 1969 rim while the 901.361.012 06 is not in the PET but is date stamped 9/70

    The 911 rim has a 1" deeper outer lip then the 901 rim
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    Well that's interesting.

    The date stamped in the spare 9/70 correlates to the deep sixes.

    I also know that your spare is a deep six cause it matches a set I was bidding on.
    I included a picture that shows the number for the set.

    I have a set of shallow 6x15"s that came with my 72'Coupe. They start with the number I don't know however if they came with the car originally.
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    71' Olive 2.2E Targa / Early S #491

    I've always considered the glass to be half full...that is until I reached middle age and realized that it is actually half empty.

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    I have just missed a set of 4 1/2 x 15 Fuchs for $800.00 for the 4
    Nick Moss - Early 911S #476 - RGruppe #318 -

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    I don't know if you guys get the Simpsons over there or not but just in case....

    71' Olive 2.2E Targa / Early S #491

    I've always considered the glass to be half full...that is until I reached middle age and realized that it is actually half empty.

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    Ah! But they were in California!
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    67S Rims

    I bought my 67' 911 a few years ago, and after less than 2 weeks of driving it around, and feeling it's lack of handling in turns at speed, I went straight out and picked up a set of deep 6 Fuchs. The early SWB's have handling issues to begin, so the more wheel on the pavement the better. In fact, one of the only complaints "Car and Driver" magazine had about the 1967 911S was the ridiculously narrow wheels. I upgraded my engine to a 2.4S and with the extra bhp a few months ago, and the bigger rims are definitely a welcome addition.
    With the rainy weather your country is known for, you may want to seriously reconsider your desire to go with a set 4 1/2" rims, correct or incorrect. I didn't realize that people were willing to pay a premium for a set of 4 1/2" Fuchs rims's and actually prefer them over a good set of deep 6"'s?
    I have a good 4 1/2" steel wheel to swap + cash if you are looking to unload your deep 6" spare for a 4 1/2" steel wheel. I wouldn't if I were you though. Almost every early Porsche enthusiast who sees my car complements me on my wheels. Shallow 6's are in abundance on the early 911's. I would suggest that you try to find 3 more good deep 6" rims in order to have a matching set. They were far closer to period correct for the SWB 911's than the shallow 6" rims. What did the 911R use for rims anyway? Weren't they deep 6"s i front and 7"s in back. It wasn't 4 1/2 Fuchs!!!
    BTW, Congrat's on the 67' SWB. You will find that they have a very different character to the LWB's. I am crfazy about mine. I saw the pic's of your car. Looks like you have a project. Are you planning to repaint back to Bahama Yellow?

    Good Luck

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