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Thread: easy fire extinguisher install

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    easy fire extinguisher install

    For those that do not have a roll bar, like me, I found a neat place to mount the fire extinguisher bottle. Using the existing luggage strap tie down thing that is in front of the rear seats, I simply used the stock screws and drilled two corresponding holes in the extinguishers mounting bracket. Mine is a 2.5 lb. bottle and I had to angle it slightly but access is quick and easy without drilling any holes in the car. My drivers seat pivots foreward without a release so I can jump out and grab it fairly quickly.

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    Looks good!

    I don't know if I would put it there with sport seats though - no forward seatback pivot.

    I'm thinking of mounting one fore/aft through my factory round A/C hole under the dash.

    People always freak out when they see the extinguisher in my 356, like I am expecting it to ignite or something. Best to be prepared - but more likely to save an Italian or British flamer you may come across!
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    Looks greta !!!! Maybe you could even reach around while still seated and unlatch...??? Just a thought.

    Another option and the method I used was to mount it on the center tunnel forward of the gear shift tower. I have a 2.5# Halon bottle and it fits real nice.
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    Is a small extinguisher Enough for an engine fire?

    I have the same size extinguisher in each of my early 911's. So far, I have never had an engine fire, but I have wondered if one small extinguisher would be enough. Anyone had the unfortunate experience of finding out?
    Also, how much time would one have to save his/her car in the event that a fire occurred?
    Perhaps it would be good to practice a fire drill since I have never had to break the seal on an extinguisher before.

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    once, in band camp...

    Actually, I emptied a similar size bottle while on a camping trip. In the campground facility, a nearby motorhome started sparking, the starter was cranking, and there soon was a nice fireball. The owners were not around and I emptied an ACB type fire extinguisher up under the engine and put out the flames. The fire was out before the bottle was...I just emptied it to be safe. I had to leave the following morning and was gone before the owners returned (suprise).

    The Halon type are a bit different in proceedure. I understand that without opening the engine lid you simply shoot the contents into the engine compartment through the grill. The halon removes all oxygen and fire.

    If I do invest in some sport seats. (like I will need to find an alternative location. The 67 cars have the heater control lever in front of the shifter, so that area is out. May need to see what Jared does with his.

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    You could mount it in the same place on the passenger side and then you could reach it easier while you are in the car.

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    extinguisher location

    My extinguisher mounting bracket is attached to a plate made identical to the transmission inspection plate. The mounting plate attaches over the inspection plate using longer mounting screws secured in the same holes. The bottle rests at the back of the tranny tunnel and the location provides easy access and doesn't conflict with the sport seats' lack of back release. It's a no brainer!

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    Same as yours Modav8...

    Over 5 years in the same place, no problem... and no emergency useage thank goodness
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    Re: once, in band camp...

    Originally posted by Shawn
    The 67 cars have the heater control lever in front of the shifter, so that area is out.
    The early cars with the heater duct window in the rocker panels offer an easy solution. Just take off the sliding door over the duct opening and drill the extinguisher mount to match the spacing of those two screws and fasten it over the opening. I did this in my '66 and it worked fine. You can't reach it when strapped in to the driver's seat, though, if your race sanctioning body requires that, otherwise it's a quick and clean install.

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