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Thread: '73SResto: Replace orig Torsion Bars?

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    '73SResto: Replace orig Torsion Bars?

    Is it worth it? While my suspension is getting rebuilt along w/brakes, etc... should I replace the torsion bars? Do they wear (I'd assume so). I'm looking at these new hollow bars from SwayAway, called SwayAway2's. A bit pricier than the WM's, but I've heard the WM's aren't as good as the stock S bars. Any opinions or other recommendations appreciated.

    BTW - I'm putting in new Bilstiens (to S Specs, nothign radical) and keeping the ride height stock (to protect my very nice steel spoiler). This is not a track car, but a daily driver+ occasional events (which may include a TT or 2, butmostly AX and backroads).

    I've read that they shouldn't change the ride but really improve response in the chassis. True?

    Thanks as usual. (PS - I've got some updated pics, but need to shrink em down to the bboard size limit which always takes a while, soon Shawn/Jared - I promise).
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    I see nothing to be gained with aftermarket torsion bars UNLESS you decide to beef things up a bit. If you prefer the stock ride height, the stock ride in general, I'd say stick with the stock specs. That's not what I opted to do, but it's YOUR car...
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    Chris I agree with Paul,

    It takes an awful lot of miles to weaken your torsion bars ...
    On inspection if there is no nicks or blemishes they can usually be used again.

    The car came with 19/21 torsion bars and they're good for a comfortable ride on the street ... AND some pretty 'spirited' driving in the hills and on the track.

    I didn't change the T-bars on my 73'-S for the first 7 years I owned it... including tracking the car at least twice each year.

    When I did change them I only went 'UP' one step to 21/26 ... That seems a reasonable change... not much difference in ride and more responsive in the hills and on the track.

    Also, the hollow bars have a different ratio of stiffness pre diameter then the solid bars... check it out

    Hope this helps
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    good question...

    As long as the new bilstiens are adjustable, then you are allowed future changes to your cars ride height if you so chose. I elected to keep my current torsions as my cars records indicated replacement 8 years ago.

    Our cars differ somewhat, but I belive that your driving habits (which could become more agressive) will dictate any suspension upgrades to your car. I say keep 'em and drive it for a year or so, if you want go back in there and make changes, do so.

    They can become frozen/locked in place tho, good idea to make certain that they are looked over prior to acceptance.

    I imagine that you may have a list of upgrades that you will wish to address after some time anyway. For now, just get it on the road and enjoy it.

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