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Thread: Prototipo question

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    Prototipo question

    I've just bought a prototipo wheel from Pelican. It has a momo horn push. The photo's i've seen from racing 911's of the period show (unsurprisingly) no horn push. Is there a proper (i.e. oranged barred) porsche badged horn push I can buy anywhere. Or alternatively, any idea's on how to create a black horn push.

    Thanks for any help

    To ask is to seek denial

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    Porsche eliminated almost anything that didn't help with the performance of the car, they were almost always underdogs in their early competition and relied on reliability and a favorable power to weight ratio…..

    HORN ! … What horn?? … I've heard some of the early drivers say they were surprised to have mirrors and windshield wipers.

    For the 3 wheels that have been on my car: period RaceMark, modern Personal, and now a period Nardi …
    I've bought a piece of fine grained black leather similar to my interior trim, formed it over the button and glued it on.

    Simple, neat, and to me looks finished and understated.

    Good luck,
    Chuck Miller
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    B-b-buy Bushwood?!?!
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    I bought the Performance Products Porsche crest horn button that works with my Prototipo. The Porsche Crest isn't absolutely correct but any horn button in a Prototipo isn't correct anyway.
    Sandy Isaac
    '69 911E

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    I have seen in old factory photos, Fuchs wheel centers painted black used as horn buttons. (See Starkey's book for example.)


    Don A.

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    Thanks for all the help.

    Having looked at the BP 911R in excellence (18 months ago?), I might forego a horn altogether. The one I have sounds like a mouse being tickled anyway!


    To ask is to seek denial

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    911R Steering wheel, Horn button info

    The 911R does have a horn, the button is not on the steering wheel, it's on the dash just to the left of the head light switch, it's a small black button about the size of a quarter. The center of the steering wheel then has a Fuchs wheel hub cap in place, think is was just for show. Further on the R dash layout, left of the horn button, are two push/pull type switches (718 part #), they are for the twin ignition system, each switch controls one circut of the twin plug system, so you could check each set of plugs to isolate any missfire. The steering wheel is a 3 spoke 380mm dia. leather wheel with slots in each spoke, The R parts book shows it to be a 906 part number. Since the R has the outer two gauges removed, the clock on the right, and the gas/oil tank level on the left. The factory placed a red light just above the radio cut out in the center hole, this light was a low fuel warning when the tank was low. The ignition switch does not have the steering wheel lock, and the glove box door, radio, heater vent controls, and trim were removed from the dash. The parts book also states that the "framing for dashboard covering" is different from the series car, this may be lightweight meteral.
    Ernie W
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    horn push

    PAG exercised its copyright rights and won't let anyone use the logo without a license. So none of the new wheels have the crest on them.

    I have one with the crest, but don't know whether I want to sell it or not.

    You might look at swap meets, eBay, etc. They 've probably become pretty valueable. OR you could make something froma wheel center as noted above.

    Good luck.

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    Mike - this is the steering wheel in 911R#4.

    As Ernie rightly points out the centre of the wheel utilised a Fuchs centre cap!

    If you're interested I have brand new Porsche-crested Momo horn buttons available for £35 + p&p.


    '69 911E-------->R

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    Thanks Andy - is it the same horn push as fitted to the 993 RSR ?

    I don't suppose that the porsche crest has the period orange bars ? - If it does I am interested - if not I will probably just sand the momo push down to the aluminium


    To ask is to seek denial

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    Mike, the horn buttons have red bars on the crest - I may have an old Momo or Nardi button with orange bars but they looked pretty hideous...

    As for your final comment :

    "... if not I will probably just sand the momo push down to the aluminium "

    I think you'll find that all Momo horn buttons are made of plastic - no aluminium in sight!

    '69 911E------->R

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