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Thread: Pouring Oil Into Carbs and MFI to Winterize

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    Pouring Oil Into Carbs and MFI to Winterize

    Have any of you fellow easterners tried this winterizing technique? Haven't heard of it before, makes me wonder how difficult it would be to restart.

    From the site:

    Winter Storage for Your Porsche
    By Wolfgang Rietzl
    Reprinted from The Noríeaster
    Northeast Region...

    ... 5. Remove air cleaner. Get a quart of the same engine oil which you are using for the engine. Make two holes at the top of the can (about a half inch in diameter) so that you can pour oil easily into the carburetor air intake port.

    (a) On all 356 models, hold engine rpm at about 4000, then pour half a quart of oil into the left side, the other half into the right side of the carburetor intake ports. The engine will probably stall when you are pouring oil into the right side. This is completely normal. Let your engine stall. Donít restart it. Just shut off your ignition and reinstall your filter. Obviously there will be a lot of smoke coming through the muffler for a couple of seconds. Donít be alarmed. Your engine is now completely winterized.

    (b) On all 911 models except CIS, hold rpm at 4500 rpm and pour oil into the six intake ports regardless of carburetor or fuel injection system. Make sure that you distribute the one quart to your best ability equally to all six intake ports. If engine stalls, proceed the same way as outlined earlier on 356 models. Do not restart. Before engine stalls, however, each cylinder should have received a minimum share of the quart of oil. Shut off the ignition and reinstall your filter. Your engine is now fully prepared for storage and in the spring you can start up your engine without having your spark plugs cleaned.

    (c) On CIS and 914 engines, the above method cannot be used. On these, pull plugs, squirt heated oil (about 70įF) in plug holes, crank a few turns and reinstall plugs.
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    sounds like a rod bending proposition. i would just pull the plugs and fog it like a boat. maybe a squirt or two on the mfi butterflies.

    its not winter yet?
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    Agree with Tryan
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    I think you ought to sneak out of the bedroom at 3am in your jammies, open up your garage door (at minus 10degrees outside), start your motor (again - open the garage door) and sit in your car, listening to the sweet music of your flat-six, thinking about ME driving my car ALL WINTER LONG in sunny CA.

    As your west coast Porsche doctor, I recommend you do this daily. It will keep your engine safe, but maybe not your sanity.

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    Well Doc, I'm relieved that you included the part about OPENING the garage door.

    Let's see... 50" plasma on the garage wall with looping in-car race/canyon driving footage on DVD, dyno rollers under the rear wheels, and an exhaust vent hose through a hole in the door. THAT should take care of those winter blues!

    Yep... Sanity checked out long ago!
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