I bet you could all hear the hollow knocking sound last night, that was me smacking my head with my palm. I've been trying to solve a low speed bog, generalized malaise of the 911E. While I've been running around with it (and having a blast) I've had to really feather the throttle to get it going off of idle, otherwise, sputter, cough, etc.

Didn't seem to be mixture, throttle, points, sparkplugs, etc. related. A friend of mine that used to work at the 901 Shop (and now builds some kick ass Spec Miatas) asked the usual questions...timing? sure. points? sure...etc.

Last night i realized that I had set the timing very early in this car's resurrection, before I had the throttles correlated and the points adjusted correctly or even the idle close to what it should have been. Of course, that "timing" question was closed off in my head, because I had "done that".

Yep, nearly 15 degrees ATDC. I'm surprised it still ran.

"You, Sir, with the 911, put down the tools and slowly back away!"