Haha... Did that get your attention?

I have an idea. My search for tires have lead me to a few conclusions.

1). Good (and I mean really good!) 15" tires in 'correct" sizes are not available. 195/65 15, I mean. I know you can get good stuff in 195/55 15 but hey... This is NOT Jap crap! Haha...

2). 16" rims use a lower profile tire, achieving a stiffer sidewall for better cornering.

Hence I've decided to go 16" all round for my wheel selection. And I want to use Fuchs wheels and I want front small, rear big.

Given how greedy and uncompromising I am, haha... I'm no doubt stuck in terms of wheel choices. I cannot run 16 x 6 in front and 16 x 7 rear as my car is narrow-bodied. Which leads me to think...

The 951 (944 Turbo) Fuchs wheel for its front is 16 x 7 and while the offset if the same, the inside mating surface area has a LOT of meat. I can grind it off and there you go... 16 x 7 wheels a la 911R!!!

Does this make sense or am I nuts? Yes, I realize I have to fill up the lugnut area a bit so my concern is also strength. I can try take some pics and show you guys what I mean.

And hehe... I thought of a scheme to disguise the 16" as 15"!!! PAINT THE OUTER LIP! This way, it looks like part of the tire yar?

And hey, before I get any backlash, I want to get word out that I love my '67S and I will never butcher her just to fit in wider wheels, hence this 'creativity'...

Have a good day!