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Thread: Need rear deck lid help

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    Need rear deck lid help

    My 911 has some kind of fiberglass tail:
    I want a stock lid. Now I know that the stock lid was probably aluminum, but I would be satisfied with steel. Question is, which years are going to have the correct holes drilled? What years had the "PORSCHE" script at the bottom? And will a lid from a mid year car work? The 911S script is wrong, but maybe the gold script from my year will cover the holes. Help! And, of course, thanks.

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    70'-73' would be the ones to use. The earlier lids had the same holes for the letters but the grill fastened differently because it was a different design. As matter of fact the grills from 70-73 are the same except that in 70/71 they were chrome anodized and in 72/73 they were black anodized. The anodizing can be stripped and replated by the way.

    In 74' the P O R S C H E letters at the bottom went away.
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    The later models ('74-on) also differed in that they didn't have the rectangular holes for the rear license plate lights.

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    This is great. I thank you for the excellent info. I will pursue the correct lid.

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    Also note,, that the lids differed after Feb 1973... on the underside... That is , if your really picky and want it correct...


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    Can you please explain how the post Feb. '73 lids are different? My '73S (May build) has an aluminum deck lid for some reason and I'd like to see if I can tell whether the lid was built in '73 or added on at a later date. Looking at the paint, it looks stock to me.
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    Well,,, the aluminum lids never changed... Lots of arguements out there about the 73 model year and alu lids..... as the parts manual state they weren't made available for the T E S... But they did come on RS's .... And my 39K mile 73 S also did... my only reasoning for it was that it also came with a rear wiper... and every so often you here of the odd S with a alloy lid... Certainly not common... If the Paint looks original under the lid,,, 99% sure your car came with it...

    In feb 73,, the subframe stamping changed for the steel lid... It had a small emboss on the left hand side, about 4" up from the bottom along the rail... This was for a sort of switch and contact..Other than that,,, the rest of the lid is identical back to 69"
    Hope this helps..

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    How does one tell , on a painted lid, if it is aluminium or steel? I thought that on my 67 S the lid was steel...maybe its aluminium?
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    Aluminum Lid

    Michael, use a magnet.


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