OK, I've done a lot of reading here and on the PPBB about options to deal with cold start issues on a 1969 S with MFI but am still not sure what to do. On one hand I like the idea of wiring a switch to the cold start solinoid on the MFI and using the starter to power it to bring the rack to full rich. But, I don't like the idea of a non-stock switch on my otherwise stock car. It kicks over immediately, which is a lot nicer than wearing down the starter with 45-60 seconds of startiing. Just doesn't seem like the best solution.

The fire hazzard of using the stock fuel enrichment system makes me nervous so I am reluctant to purchase a new Fuel enrichment solinoid to get it working again. Has anyone just blocked off the fuel line to the drip system and let the enrichment solinoid activate the cold start solinoid? This assumes that the fuel enrichment solinoid (the one that sits on top of the fuel filter) will send power to the cold start solinoid (on the MFI) sending the rack to full rich.

Does this make sense? Anyone got a better idea that I am missing?