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Thread: engine leaks...

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    Question engine leaks...

    well as some of you know I did purchase the 70 T from the original owner..its a great car...114k and really a museum question is that during the PPI the mechanic said the "eighth bearing seal" ? may be leaking...he said it was no big deal just keep your eye open for oil level and to fix, the case would have to opened?.....fill me in as I was so excited I just yessed him to death.....thanx....what are common areas for oil seepage?....just bought a Prototipo...thanx to board members for R and W site....

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    70T leaks

    Joel, he may have said "main bearing seal" rather than "eighth bearing seal." From the location of the drips on the floor, does the leak appear to be near the front or rear of the engine?

    On my 1970 T, there were multiple sources of leaks up near the front of the engine (gearbox end, nearest the interior), the main seal being one of them. Other likely trouble spots up front include the crankcase breather gasket, oil pump seal, and oil pressure sender gasket. These three are pretty easy to fix from the top of the engine (and I know a great place to get the gaskets cheap!). The main seal will require an engine drop - probably a Saturday's work for an experienced DIY'er. You'll need the seal and an insertion tool (same source).

    For now, I'd keep a supply of cardboard (or grass matt "welcome" matts - they hold a ton of oil and look a little better on the garage floor!) to catch the drips and enjoy driving for a while. Keep an eye on the oil level - at operating temperature. : )

    Have you posted pics yet?
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    Note the cardboard in this shot before I fixed the leak! There's a grass matt under the black one.
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    1970 911 T
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    There's a nice homage to cardboard in a Registry article by Chris Welty. I think we can all relate.


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    It's quite possible he did say the number eight bearing.

    The number eight "nose" bearing is at the opposite end of the crankshaft from the main bearing. It's behind the crankshaft pulley that turns the fan/alternator assembly. It functions just like the main bearing seal.

    This would actually be easier to replace than the main bearing seal in that you could just do a partial engine drop to replace it.

    No need to drain the oil and unhook all the lines. The motor just needs to be dropped down far enough to get an impact wrench on the crankshaft pulley bolt. The rear motor mount assembly and the crankshaft pulley would have to be removed.

    Still not a job for a novice considering the torque value of the pulley bolt but it shouldn't be to expensive to have a qualified shop do it.
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    So, front main or rear eight. Just need to see where the oil is puddling.

    I've never heard the rear referred to as number eight; thanks for the tip!
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    The bearing behind the crank pulley is often refered to as the nose bearing, or # 8. Yes there is a seal there, but......I have seen oil seep from between the outer sufaces of the bearing and the case it's self. Lets hope it's the seal.

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    Smile re leaks and momo install

    thanx for input...I am sure he said 8th......he also did say case would have to be is def. forward of fan assembly so you guys are right on.....for now I will just watch..there are some other leaks guys have helped.Hey while I have you...tried to put MOMO wheel on today......hub does not seem to go on all the way like oe wheel so there is play on I just need to push momo hub on harder?....also, my oe set up has no horn do I hook up horn w/ wires from momo set up?.....would hate to have to pay to get this simple job done...thanx again

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    If he's saying you'll have to split the case then he's refering to the O-ring that surrounds the #8 bearing and not the seal that's inserted into the bearing and surrounds the end of the crank. This would be an unusual place for it to leak considering that the O-ring is not a wear item unlike the main and nose bearing seals that are.

    To repair the O-ring would mean a complete engine teardown and not worth fixing in my opinion until the motor needed a rebuild. I would try cleaning and JB Weld or just living with it.

    I'm not sure how your mechanic determined that the O-ring was leaking and not the seal considering it would be very difficult to see exactly where it was leaking from with the pulley in place.

    Here's a photo of the #8 bearing showing the two seals. The case is slightly split to reveal the O-ring. The bright orange seal is the O-ring and the dark orange is the bearing seal.
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    71' Olive 2.2E Targa / Early S #491

    I've always considered the glass to be half full...that is until I reached middle age and realized that it is actually half empty.

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    Nice photo Bobby! I sounds crazy, but those nose bearings do leak despite all the seals. I"ve tried JB weld and everything else, and never found anything to stop a oil leak!! If anyone ever finds a product that works........let me know.

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