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Thread: HeritageClassics/Nicholas Cage RS #813

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    HeritageClassics/Nicholas Cage RS #813

    There was a bit of discussion on the history of #813 between Stacy and others, in the thread regarding #1036.

    To go back a little further, that car along with #0093, were BOTH at the Monterey Auctions in 2001. At the time, the owner was surprised that #0093 was in the same auction. I think Cain D. knows the owner.

    The auction catalog stated the car had a $100k restoration by Lundt-Auto in Berlin. It was the owners car for the previous 15 years.
    It is one of twenty painted Signal Yellow. I am not sure if it sold at the auction to Heritageclassics or after.

    #0093 had 52,000 miles was being sold by the 3rd owner. The original owner was a Geneva Switzerland bus driver. He owned it for 26 years and 30,00 miles. I am not sure what it sold for.

    In a strange twist, Nicholas Cage and Lisa Marie Presely were also at the Auction. I watched as officals pushed a 1956 Ferrari 410 Sport out of the lobby of the DoubleTree Hotel to give Nicholas Cage a test ride, he sat passenger. L.M.P. sat in the Bentley limo surrounded by her bodyguards. The Ferrari sold I believe for 3.4 million, NOT to Nicholas Cage, he dropped out early.

    If anyone is interested, I can scan the actual catalog pages for their reading.
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    Here is an ex bus drivers RS.
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    Ray Crawford
    Early S Registry #271
    R Gruppe #255
    '70 911 S Coupe 2.9 w/MFI Twin Plug "Flairs n Chairs"
    '72 911 S Targa 2.4 w/MFI

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    What Lisa Marie bought for 15k

    Nicholas Cage dropped out of the Ferrari bidding early.
    Lisa Marie purchased an awesome replica Teardrop Trailer.
    She paid 15k.
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    Ray Crawford
    Early S Registry #271
    R Gruppe #255
    '70 911 S Coupe 2.9 w/MFI Twin Plug "Flairs n Chairs"
    '72 911 S Targa 2.4 w/MFI

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    I was there, too

    Isn't # 93 the car that Rick Cabell just posted photos of in Rennman's (Don Ahearn) garage? I thought that it was a steal at the auction. It sold for $69,300 including commission. It was featured in an auction report in the Nov '01 issue of Sports Car Market. It struck me as a very original and a very good car.

    I drove the Cage car (#813) and decided not to pursue it. As an aside, I happen to love that color but it somehow didn't seem exactly right. The pictures Ray posted are consistent with the way I remember it. Somehow the color seemed insufficiently irridescent compared with the factory original?
    Dick Moran

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    Same car

    Yes Dick, it is the same car. Don has invested a fair amount of time and $$ to get it sorted out. Not that it was a problem car, Don just likes things as perfect as possible.

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    #0093 was NEVER at Heritage, this is a completely different car. I'm gonna try and locate VIN numbers of the Heritage/Cage car(s) just to clear everything up.
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    Both were at Monterey

    Both were at the RM Monterey auction in August 2001.

    #93 was sold there and as Rick confirms above, is now owned by Rennman.

    #813 was later at Heritage. I think that it also might have appeared at another auction (Amelia Island?) at some point in 2002. I seem to remember it being identified as the Nicolas Cage car in the catalog. I haven't seen it since then.
    Dick Moran

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    Some History

    Here is #93 at Jag Motorsport, where it was bought by Don, I do believe....Jag Motorsport purchased it at auction, and later re-sold to Don, at least this is my info.

    and at World Wide in England, before it was at auction in the US

    I had a chance to buy it while at Jag. Why I didn't even bother to go LOOK at to this day, completely bewildering to me...

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    Meerblau PTS 2019 Speedster
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    Cage's Signal Yellow RS was at RM Amelia Island 2002. Sold for $48,000 (don't know if it was a podium bid or sold after). Catalog clearly listed Cage as the owner/seller. He was also selling an F40 there, and possibly some other cars.

    I can't find the report in the Sports Car Market Database - I'll dig through some old issues and see what they said about it.
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    Greetings Guys,

    Just a quick history on my car #93 which I have documented from the previous owners up to the original owner who's name I do not have. I have been told he may have passed on.

    It was originally purchased in November of 1972 by a Geneva bus driver. This car was his only major possesion. He sold the car in the late 1980's to finance a small business. The RS had 50,000 km. A gentleman from London purchased the car from him. This second owner at one point shipped the car to Monaco to auction where the car was a no sale. The next owner came in 1996 through a private sale. Nick Faure was hired to go through the car before shipping it off to the States. This owner kept the car until the Monterey auction where it was purchased by a couple from Virginia. They had a website Jag Motorsports but were not dealers. This was a personal car and used as such. The RS now had 83,000 km. I purchased the car from them last April.

    The car is all original with the exception of one repaint that was done prior to 1989. I have all books ,tools ect. It is a very untouched fresh car. There is still clean yellow paint under the body wax applied to the bottom. Since owning the car I have done alot of detailing, replaced the decals which were on wrong. I am also having a set of 7 and 8s done which I should have soon. I still need an original dash if anyone has one and an original windshield and mirror. Also need a vanity plate. Any ideas? Thanks for your interest guys.



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