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Thread: pics of my 70 T finally

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    pics of my 70 T finally

    hope y'all can see these; they were taken at Watkins Glen before I purchased, so these photos were just to take home and lust after.......
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    Joel...I can see why you're in "can't wait" mode..
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    What a beauty! I'd be chewing my arm off waiting.
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    Very nice!

    Is that Bahia red?
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    Smile color

    blood orange/tangerine....

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    my favorite color , though I am a little biased
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    A fine choice of color if I may say so myself. Good luck!

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    that is a beautiful looking paintjob! Tell me you've had it painted.
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    was that ? pointed to Tom's photo?....yes his car looks awesome...Tom is that fresh paint? car was redone in 98 by previous owner......

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    Thanks! It's a touch up job. Only took 6 months! Actually it was an original paint car with some dings/chips in the spoiler that had been poorly repaired in the past. There was also a minor ding in the very leading edge of the original painted hood. My guy went "nuts" (I did too when he showed me the original paint he blended into; but that's ok because the work is impeccable).
    Anyhow he did touch up the hood (chips), lights (chips) and spoiler plus a small hooey in the right rear quarter from lift accident that was just not as good as it shoud have been. VERY little bondo at all. Mostly sandable primer and guide coats before mucho sanding and preparation.
    He then clear coated and then blended into the original paint. The top and the whole left side are original as is the engine lid.
    This car sat for a long time because upon getting it home I found a nice collection of acorns and nuts on the top of the cylinders.

    So, I get it home in time for winter but at least it's home. At least I don't live in Anchorage Alaska like some people I know.

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