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Thread: composition of Fuchs rims

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    composition of Fuchs rims

    A rather daft discussion has been going on on PP regarding the composition of Fuchs rims. Here is the response that I got from the manufacturers, Otto Fuchs.

    Q: Can you tell me what aluminium alloy was used in the Fuchs Porsche rims of the 60s and 70s?

    A: We used 6082(USA), 3.2315(DIN), AlMgSi1(Type) or FUCHS Designation AS10.62,
    .62 indicates Temper Disignation.
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    Thanks...good information. Not that I understand much beyond that they are forged aluminum. Perhaps some metalurgist could weigh in, explain in terms we commoners could understand?
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    EN AW-6082, 3.2315

    typical mechanical properties

    0,2% Yield strength Rp 0,2 240-310 MPa

    Ultimate tensile strength Rm 250 MPa

    Elongation A5 8-10 %

    Hardness 91 HB

    physical properties

    Density 2,7 g/cm³

    good welding properties

    very good anticorrosion properties

    good anodizing properties

    good drilling and turning properties

    alloy: AlSiMgMn (former AlMgSi1)
    Temper: T651 stress relieved by stretching ,heat-treatable

    Composition %: Al 96.5, Mg > 0.64, Si > 0.7
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    Finally. Now I know too much.
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    That would explain why the stay "nice" after a polishing for so long.


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    Originally posted by silver911

    Make that Respecta!!! *best Ali G impression*


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