Attention Early S Registry!!!

My office just got a new dyno. Who wants to come and play?

Granatelli Motor Sports is located in Oxnard, CA at 1000 Yarnell Place. Our dyno is capable of testing front, rear, or all-wheel drive vehicles - sports cars, passenger cars, trucks ... you name it and we can dyno it.

Of course, there are fees ... but I'm working the boss to allow for an Early S Registry group dyno discount.

We're planning our first dyno shootout - pay to pull, winner takes home a cash prize and some GMS swag - for February 2004.

So, who's in?!?!

Think your P-car's got the moxy to tangle with the Granatelli Motor Sports twin-turbo Corvette? Or how about the GMS BMW M5? Maybe you could beat up on ourS600 Mercedes? Wanna find out? Come out and play!!!!

E-mail me at for more information and/or to reserve your spot on the guest list. I can also be reached from 8am-4pm here at the office - (805) 486-6644 ext. 15.

Hope to see you here.