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Thread: car history

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    car history

    I'm new at this forum stuff so if I do something stupid, excuse me. I (we, Linda and Brian) have a 69 s we bought on our honeymoon in germany/france and shipped back. We are startiing the process of researching the history. We have sent in a request for Authenticity from Porsche and will be mailing in our membership form to your registry for starters.

    The cars VIN is 119301010. We bought it from James Avis who vintage raced it in FIA (fia or asn no: 98/2266). He lives in England and we will be contacting him also in an effort to fill out the history. He said that the car was purchased by him already prepared as a race car (cage/lowered/emergency kill switch) out of a barn in Italy.

    Any links/help/suggestions anyone may have that would further our efforts would be appreciated.

    On a personal note. We picked up the car in Paris and went to the 1998 24 hrs of LeMans. Pariticipated in a "Lap of Honor" around (2x around) the circuit, parked in the Porsche Corral and slept (cat napped) at the track that night in the car. Celebrated extensively at the finish! Drove the car through the countryside with no agenda for 2 weeks and shipped it home. Unfortunately customs took their toll on the car (looking for drugs?) and the car has not run since. (nothing major/lack of time on my part)

    I will try to get pictures loaded in the near future and look forward to finding out more about our car.
    Looking forward to
    Brian and Linda

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    That is a fantastic story! I can't help you with your car's history, but as a junior member of the S Registry, welcome to the board.

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    Welcome aboard Brian & Linda. BTW, you happen to know a crazy old guy living in your area who drives a red 356 festooned with pink flamingos?
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    Hi Brian

    Jim Avis is a good friend of mine, I have just chatted to him about the deal. The car was registered DPA 217H in England, and was previously owned Mario Andrietti (?) who imported the car from Italy to England and built the motor for Jim, who restored the body.

    Jim has some pics of the hand-over which I will scan and post very soon. How is the gearbox?
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    Nick - I think the guy who imported it from Italy was Mauro Andreini (rather than Mario Andretti !). He was a well-known engine builder (particularly 911 race engines) back in the 80's & 90's. I'm pretty sure he's still around but I don't think he's involved (not commercially anyway) with 911's any more.

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    Two things. Yes I know a crazy man who drives a red 356 with Flamingos. Mick Michelson I believe. He is a unique individual who seems to take pleasure in upsetting the button down/up tight set in the club. He is also a very active and hard working enthusiast.

    To Nick Moss
    Most exciting to me is the response from Nick. Is this for real or are you just testing the condition of my heart? Please say hey to Jim for us, and please ask him to e-mail us as our computer crashed a while ago and we lost all our addresses.

    The gearbox is rebuilt and functional. The mainshaft nut backed off and wreaked havoc but the backup box that came with the car provided suitable parts (although the housing was different so it entailed a swap of parts into the old housing)

    Just spotted the other post on the engine builder Mauro Andreini. Maybe not as exciting as Mario but he built one hell of a motor and any info about him or his whereabouts would be appreciated. I believe Jim said he was tending bar on cruise ships (?) or was this another mechanic that tended to the car?

    Thanks for the interest and responses. I could learn to like this stuff!
    Brian and Linda

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    Hi Brian

    Jim told me as well yesterday that he thought Mauro was on a cruise ship somewhere, but I will make some enquiries on other BBSs to see if we can find him.

    Jim thought YOU were crazy taking your new wife around Europe in a race car!

    I will see Jim later today and get the photos I mentioned above
    Nick Moss - Early 911S #476 - RGruppe #318 -

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    This is the car outside Jim's house

    And on delivery in France

    Nick Moss - Early 911S #476 - RGruppe #318 -

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    GREAT thread....good luck w/ the those Minilites.......

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    Yeah, what Joel said ... TOTALLY DIGGIN' THE MINILITES!!!

    Looks like a beautiful car, welcome to the board.
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