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Thread: Fiberglass engine shroud question

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    Fiberglass engine shroud question

    Does anyone know if a FG engine shroud from a '72-73 fit on a '71 engine without modificaton? Thanks.

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    A 71 shroud would be the same. The only MFI shroud differances is the color. A 71 "T" shroud would not work as those cars had carbs, thus there would be no cut-out for the fuel injectors.
    69-73 E and S would be the same. 72 T MFI and the first half of 73 T are pretty much the same. The later 73 T's were CIS injection.
    T shrouds were black, E's were yellow, and all S's were red.

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    Rick - a slight correction to your post above:

    'E' fan shrouds are green.

    The early 'T' shrouds were black, then I think they went to yellow.

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    A- OK Andy.......Thanks for the correction! Carb T's were green, yellow were MFI.

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    Forgot to add, that early E's were green also.

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    Rick - I don't think 'T' shrouds were ever green.

    As far as I remember 2.0/2.2 T engines (& euro 2.4T's with carbs) had black shrouds & 2.4 T mfi shrouds were yellow.

    I think that 2.7 CIS engines then used green shrouds...

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    to early

    Right again, I should stay off the tech boards untill I have been awake for a hour!! New rule!

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    One tip...the '73 shroud has a removable section that allows access to an engine mounted oil cooler nut that '72 & earlier shrouds don't. Alan Caldwell, August 2000 PANO, described '69-'73 shroud colors thusly:
    The exceptions: MFI 911T was yellow, and the '73 1/2 911T with CIS went back to black...

    Take notes guys, there will be a test later.
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