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Thread: Do You Carry Spares?

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    Do You Carry Spares?

    I have bought a 30 year old toolkit for my 73E, but thought that I should have some "real" tools that I could really use. So I went to Sears and bought a bunch of wrenches that match what was in the original kit. Still need to get a spark plug wrench (21mm ? - having a hard time finding one), a 19mm lug wrench, and I'll get a fan wrench from Pelican.

    But the question is, do you carry "spares" along with you when you are out on the road? Spark Plugs? Points? Fan Belt? Wires? Connectors? Fuses? Other things? What kinds of things do you carry, and what have you had to use?

    thanks for sharing your experience with me.

    BTW, my wrench starts working on the car in earnest next week. Soon there will be progress pictures to post.

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    Throttle cable, clutch cable, DME relay (doesn't apply to early cars), fuses and fan belts.

    Although in three years of street and track driving (knock on wood), nothing's failed.

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    Well, the car is supposed to be able to go up to five feet with a broken fanbelt, so that's a start.

    I actually refilled the travelling kit that originally masqueraded as my car's tool kit. So far, it was used to get somebody else's 911 moving.

    I usually have some basic ignition parts and fuses.

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    If you have a lttle extra room, in the trailer.

    Straw hat
    Ball cap
    Video camera, tape, remote.
    Bottled water
    Gator aid
    Trailer tongue lock
    Helmet bag
    Neck brace

    Driving bag
    Cool shirt

    Truck center
    Tech sheet
    Reading glasses
    Sun tan lotion
    Hand wipes
    Ear plugs
    Luna bars

    Truck bed
    Card board for cover.
    Loose in truck bed.
    Aluminum jack
    Jack stands
    2 Trailer spare
    6 chairs
    Ice chest with block ice only.
    Ice chest with Gator Aid/water.

    Milk crate
    Power pack
    Cordless impact gun
    Jack side pad
    Plastic box.
    Torque wrench
    Power bleeder
    Tape, duct/electrical
    Micro towels
    Brake pads

    4 17 rims
    1 trailer spare
    Un-mounted race tires
    Other race tires.
    911 hood prop
    Hydraulic jack
    Trailer lug wrench

    Trailer door
    Air gauge
    Wheel spacers
    Paper towels
    Hand cleaner
    Final inspection
    Brake fluid
    Brake drain bottle

    Cutoff switch
    Cool shirt ice chest
    Gallon of filtered water

    Cordless impact gun
    Power pack
    Video camera
    Hot lap battery
    Remote Mic battery

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    Originally posted by Gburner
    If you have a lttle extra room, in the trailer.

    . . . . . . .

    Video camera
    Hot lap battery
    Remote Mic battery

    Well, this list was a little more comprehensive than I was expecting, but is the Hot lap battery in case the girl doing the lap dance runs out of juice?

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    B-b-buy Bushwood?!?!
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    Adds less than a pound to the car.
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    I'm also among those who carry more than the factory tools. Spark plug wrench? If you're into original, a Klein 21 recently went on ebay for $39 plus $5 shipping. Too rich for my blood, I dropped out at $33. If not into original? Go to Sears, get a 13/16" spark plug socket. But the rub? A Sears 6" 3/8" drive extension will be too long, a 3" extension will be too short. The only place I was able to find a 4" extension was off a snap-on truck. It cost around $15. Another tip is to tape wrap the socket to the extension. It's not fun to try to fish out a dropped socket through that little hole. Oh, I already have a Klein 21 along with the rest of my original tool kit...but it's more for show than use these days. What I use is a roll of mostly craftsman sockets, wrenches, etc. that I put together. I was bidding on the ebay item as a gift for a friend...(edit) Lug wrench: I carry a 1/2" drive breaker bar with a 2" extension, and one of the solid aluminum 19mm wheel lug sockets that Stoddard sells. Don't buy a nylon lined socket, they will soon fail on you. That's my set-up for removing lug nuts. For installing, a snap on torque wrench, dialed to 94 foot pounds, nuts tightened in an "every other one" pattern to assure even torque all around.
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    Originally posted by larry47us
    is the Hot lap battery in case the girl doing the lap dance runs out of juice?
    just in Pahrump NV.

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    Reading this thread REALLY hits home...

    My approximate 2400 lbs 73' goes up almost 80 ! ...With tools, spares, cleanings stuff, etc, etc, etc....

    Sometimes I think do I need it? ... Then I get a MONSTER case of the 'What if's'

    ... plus it seems that not only me but someone somewhere always needs something...

    Maybe 2480 ain't so bad...

    When I'm at the track it ALL comes out (filling at lest have the pit)

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    spare inj pump belt if the car has MFI is a good spare to have...

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