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Thread: early hood badge

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    early hood badge

    since original early orange striped badges are becoming endangered species, has anyone figured out how to restore them? I have one which is the nice bright orange but has a chunk of the stripe chipped out and another that is complete but so dull that the orange looks like brown. Does anyone have an idea what the material is and what is the correct color mix? I don't know about you , but I prefer the patina of an orginal instead a new copy.


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    This subject came up on another list I subscribe to. Early BMW motorcycles use "Cloisonne" enameling on their badges as well.
    This is a source for repair. I have no experience with him but he came recommended.

    Emblem Restoration - Bob Gerrity
    28048 13th Ave S, Kent, WA 98032
    Cloisonne repair

    Good luck,


    PS: Mine's original and "orange"!
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    You used to be able to buy an "orange" replica from Stoddards. Lately I have seen several of the usual parts suppliers selling "genuine Porsche" orange crests.

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    Question: What years are the 'orange' badge needed for authenticty? Or better yet, when the switch?

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    The 'orange' badges were there from the beginning...

    I believe the 'red' badges started for the 75' H-Program cars showing up in late 74'... 74' G-Program cars should still have the 'orange' badge...
    Chuck Miller
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    Thanks, Chuck. I'll be sure to not order that bight sucker that goes on the mid year car.

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    Chuck is right on that one. My 74 Carrera had the orange bar crest on it. One thing on the Stoddard badges. First they do look very nice but oddly the mounting studs vary from badge to badge. The reason I mention this is when you replace your old badge, if the new one is not the same you will see an outline in the paint from where the old badge was. Order more than one. Of course if you are repainting than this is not an issue.



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    Personally,, In my opinion,, there is no substitute for the original flat badge... It adds a irreplacable patina and just dates the early cars beautifully..
    I agree with Chuck as well. Early hood badges where used from 63 till the late 74 model year.... But Porsche allready started using intermitant , the newer version as early as mid production 73'... and then switching back again to the so called flat orange badge..

    Anyone cleaning there original should be careful,,,, the original dull gold on the badge is only a brushed on material and comes off easily exposing the copper underneith if your using a metal polish on it.... I have at least 20 early badges and the impure orange enamel varied in at least 3 shades. Its possible to mix paints to obtain the proper shade for a home repair fill in..

    Prices for origianls are starting to go through the roof as people begin to realize there flat badge is missing... anywhere from $50 to $500 for NOS...

    Hope this helps... Cheers!
    Robert Gross....

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    Robert - are you still working on your early 'orange bars' badge or have you abandonned the idea ?

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    Hi andy!
    Its not abondoned,, ,,, I've just have had no time to complete the tooling.. among other things!!! It's all just a labour of love and i'd need probably another 300hrs plus before I'd be satisfied with very exact, almost undetectable copies... Then again,,, i'm not so sure about the interest or potential... So it's up in the air! Any feedback would be appreciated for interest in such an item.


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