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Thread: 901 trans.

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    901 trans.

    Hello All,
    A friend of mine who is new to the Porsche world just bought a 1966 911 with a bad tranny, and I have a 901 5-speed that I had from my 69T. My question is that would he be able to use that in his car?
    Tristan Moore

    1969 911T

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    Yes, it should bolt right up.
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    What about the drive shafts/flanges. There was a change to Lobros at some time.
    Nick Moss - Early 911S #476 - RGruppe #318 -

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    He emailed me some photos last night and I could see the Lobro
    writing on the halfshafts. He also sent me the engine #'s...
    901/05, which tells me it was used from March 66 into 67 on the coupe. I can't see any problem of it now he;ll have that nice 5th gear too. BTW- what did the hinged link of the Nadellas look like at the differential? I haven't been able to stick my head under a pre-67 in a while.
    This is a really great site and I can't believe I didn't find it until a month ago.
    Tristan Moore

    1969 911T

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    There are two types of flanges used -- one is flat like on the 915, and the other has a small lip around it. The latter takes a _smaller_ dia. CV joint. I'm not sure when the change was made -- maybe when they went to the 911 trans. or pull/push clutch transition. This may not affect you.

    If anyobody has more info on this, I'd like to hear about it.

    I am looking for the smaller type CV joints (and hoping their splines allow them to fit onto the later half-shafts, so I can put a 901 into my '73 911).

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    I guess I could have him see what size CV bolts he has....M10x60
    for the 69-71 or the M10x48 for the 71 and later. Or he could measure the flanges to tell me if they are 108mm(early) or 100mm(later type). I hope he doesn't run away because I know he failed math in high school.
    Tristan Moore

    1969 911T

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    smaller cv joints

    Just saw this thread. I have an early 68, actually a true early 67 that came with a sporto. The axles and cv joints have been replaced but I have what I think are the original axles/cv joints in the trunk that came when I bought the car. There is rust on them but I don't know if something like that would be of any use to you. I'll check them out for the sizes and let you know.
    Dan S

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    '69 Nova street rod
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    Thanks much Dan!

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    Just discovered this post. I am switching from a Nadella to a Lobros and , to do so , am attempting to find a pair of output flanges from a '66-'67 "non-simplified" differential (the non simplified has a 17.5 mm shaft coming out of the differential) that fits a Lobro CV. This axle flange also has a plug and circlip in the flange and the "simplified " does not. I have an output flange for a Lobros from a '68 that is a simplified, and it won't work on a '65 differential. (The Nadella has a washer with a D-shape bore, with two oil grooves on one face, bolted to the differential, with a oil-sealing plug outboard of the bolt). If your output flanges from your '66 fit the description above, and if you don't have a use for them, would you be interested in selling them?? Regards Steve
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