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Thread: Thinking about Removing charcol cannister

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    Thinking about Removing charcol cannister

    Besides becoming an environmental assassin, is there any smell of fuel in cabin if lines are capped off correctly? Did you just pull the cannister, and shorten the 2 braded lines and connect them together? Or did you cap them off? Any BTDT appreciated.
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    Evaporative Fuel Emission Control System


    It's a relatively simple system of hoses, etc., and it can be made to go away for good. Actually one or more of the hoses makes it's way all the way back to the engine shroud as one pushes air through the charcoal cannister.
    One comes off the back of the air cleaner and one attaches to a fitting on the back of the shroud. Both of these run to the front of the car through the "tunnel". The connections up front are cloudy right now but given time I'm sure I'd figure it out.
    It just doesn't matter anymore since I'm a bad person anyhow for driving one of these gas guzzling, polluting, greenhouse gas producing bastards anyway. I'm so happy to live in the free world (not CA). A moment of silence please for those less fortunate in some respects and more fortunate in others (lucky to be in Porsche heaven).
    Mine is "somewhat" intact but non-functioning. It was dismissed many years ago and was done (in) very well.
    Refer to the Fuel Injection System in a factory manual for a schematic.

    Good luck,

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    Thanks Tom.

    Instead of pulling the lines out, I will join the 2 cannister lines and tuck them behind the gas tank. The small breather line from the expansion tank will now be free to vent into the air. The cannister will meet all its retired compadres in the 'big box'. Life is good.

    71 914 3.0, 82 SC, ESR 376, RG 307

    "The problem with the world is, the ignorant are cock-sure and the intelligent are full of doubt." Bertram Russell

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    A wise choice. Don't lose the "big box".


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    1.What purpose does the cannister serve?

    2.And how would I go about changing those hoses which run thru the car from the cannister to the engine?
    (in my car the one that connects to the shroud has broken short of its connection and was thinking of replacing the hoses)

    3.Also how can you tell if you need a new cannister?

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    The carbon absorbs some of the gas fumes from your tank, filler neck, etc.

    You do not want to remove this, since you live in Calif. - even if they don't inspect now they may start later on.

    If it's really old then you need a new one. Otherwise I don't know how to tell.

    You could affix a bigger hose onto the broken one -- or put a piece of mtal tube in there and use same size tubing on other side.

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    has anyone ever had to change the hoses and if so any tips?

    I have found the hose on Pelican.
    I have thought of attaching the new hose to the old and then pulling the old one through.

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    Hose installation

    Hello all,

    The hoses that run fore and aft are connect to aluminum tubes that run through the tunnel. A floor jack and jack stands is all you need for under car access at the rear. For the front pull up the under the pedal floor board for access. Hope this helps.

    All the best!

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    Rajahhhhhh. Nice points. No need to reinvent the wheel. Checking out the Dunkel/Scotts photos I noticed one of you next to the "Eggplant". Pretty car. You should have stayed out of the photo.


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    your posting was a great help.
    How do you know if the cannister need to be changed?

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