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Thread: Side-stripe decals wanted:

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    Side-stripe decals wanted:

    OK...I give up. Just spent an appreciable amount of time flogging around on the 'net - and netted O results. What I'm looking for is a pair of the "traditional" PORSCHE side stripes, done in basic red. On another thread here (the "thoughts on this look" thread) you'll see a couple of car-pics with these stripes on them...I'd like to put a pair on the "homemade 911" race car. (which is also pictured on that same thread)

    anyone? any ideas? vendor recomendations? I'd hate to resort to getting them custom cut. I already have to custom-cut most of the other new decals planned for the damn thing nice to same some money.

    thanks for the push here...I appreciate your time.
    Thom Kuby
    Homemade 911

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    got mine from GT-Racing for $100. they are also available on ebay for real cheap but people have been complaining about quality (super thin). would like to see more pics of your car.
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    Porsche Decals...

    Hi Thom...just noticed this on E-bay...If this isn't it ,maybe this guy can give you some pointers....If you are referring to the "bumper Tape"..West Marine has 1" and ~1.5"(for Bootstripes on boats) UV-Proof tape in various flavors/colours...Not too glossy,Not too dull...~$20Bucks/roll or so....(This is my first post...just in case I screwed up the link, the item# is :2455957000)..Hope it works out../ Lars...

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    My picture isn't as nice as Bob's, but I got my side decals from:

    $29 for the pair, if I remember right. Any color you want -- and they've held up to a lot of track use, in my case.

    One pointer: there's a left and a right side decal. They aren't interchangable.

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    my favorite picture of Thom's coupe...

    or rather, a link to it instead.

    Sorry, I need help to find more pic hosting space.

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    thanks, guys...

    Jack was decent enough to speak up about his decal source...went over there and checked em out...looks good enough for me. Prices are excellent. Thanks Jack!

    Bob Tilton asked for another shot of the Homemade we are - at Fontana again - here I had just passed these guys and managed to keep em back there! ("sit, heel"...good)

    Speaking of Fontana...VARA is hosting an incredible 3-day event there 13-15 February. Historic Indy cars will be featured-among other attactions: for example, this year we are having a concours on one day (can't remember which one) and regular "corral" parking the other day...Friday is our practise day. As I understand it, we've got some nice pieces already committed for the concours. Be nice to see some of you guys there...since I won't have anything on the track yet, I'll be driving the Tuttle-Click Ford Mustang pace car all weekend. Find the pace car, and come introduce yourselves. More event gouge can be found at
    come one, come all...maybe an organized sunday cruise for you?
    gotta go...picking up my new tow vehicle ('04 Ford f350 2wd diesel crewcab...oooh raah)

    thom Kuby
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    ahh yes...i remember that car from the bay912 site, right? very nice. i think the decals would look great on that car.

    looks like i got hosed on the pricing.

    noticing a difference in the font width. the gt-racing decals are a bit thicker (looks like the font was stroked). jack's source looks closer to factory. may have to inquire jack with some measurements...but do i really want to go down that road?
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    JACKPOT! No pun intended Jack. Just ordered color matched side graphics, bumper stripes and script for the duck from Looks like it will be red on white. I am stoked.
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