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Thread: Airconditioner compatabality for 74' into 72'

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    Airconditioner compatabality for 74' into 72'

    I have a 72 911 which I would like to fit air to and there is a guy locally selling one from a 74'. Are these units the same and if not what are the differences and can it be made to work in my car? Also is it straight forward to do.


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    My first comment is to NOT put AC into your car. To much trouble, weight, and these early cars were not really designed to have AC.
    A experianced tech can put the 74 system in, but there will be but minor changes to be made. Don't know exactly what, you would find out as you go along. It can be done.

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    I agree with Rick about adding air to an early car.

    However, if you really want to do it, I have a KoolAire system that I recently removed from a '72 sitting in a box.
    I think this was the least invasive system. The mechanism is fitted in the smugglers box, with a large ABS blister cover to conceal the components that are above the original lid surface of the smugglers box.
    The dashboard register is under dash and replaces the knee pad section.
    The compressor etc, I have no idea, but I would guess much like later versions, with the exception of needing to clear MFI.....
    Anyway this stuff is just sitting here, I did advertise it for sale in case any one was looking for parts to keep an existing system alive, but had not inquiries.


    Technical Director
    Windrush Evolutions Inc.

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    Thanks Hayden but I would have to get the thing to Australia which would be difficult and the one I am currently looking at is available locally. Also cars here are right hand drive and the smugglers box is much smaller than yours (I think about 1/3 the size) so mounting must be in the footwell.
    Out of interest how heavy is the complete unit?


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    Hi Shane,

    Sorry I missed the Sydney local...
    Yes, I am sure your RHD parts would be quite different.

    I weighed the parts removed from the smugglers box, that was 5.5 kg. This is for the fan and the evaporator element and associated tin work and casings.

    I can do both metirc and RHD, I was born and raised in Perth.


    Technical Director
    Windrush Evolutions Inc.

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