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Thread: Rekeying Trunk Lock in a Targa

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    Rekeying Trunk Lock in a Targa

    I decided I would like to get the lock for my trunk release rekeyed (I do not have the key for the lock) so I can lock my trunk when the Targa Top is off.

    I can feel the bolts holding the bracket for the the handle assembly at the bottom of the dashboard, but have no clue on how to actually remove them to allow the handle to drop and then allow me to separate the handle from the cable. Or do I loosen the set screw that I have circled. Or do I simply undo the cable in the trunk, pull the handle and find a set screw between the handle and the cable itself?

    Has anyone here BTDT?


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    I have a compltetely disassembled 73 Targa S so I think I can help.

    You need to remove the tiny screw from the handle not the bracket that the handle slides into. Its located at the T handle end before the pin the goes up and down to lock the handle in place.

    You will have to get on the floor and look up when you pull back on the handle to open the bonnet (sorry hood)and I think it will become visible. If the handle doesn't pull back far enough I would release the hood wire which will then let you pull it out further. It only need to pull back about 1" from closed and the srew is the first one you see. Its very small and uses a normal screw driver

    You may need a key to insert into the lock otherwise the pins may go everywhere when you pull the lock out and I have always used the key and left it in the lock to hold the pins in place. You may be able to use the engine key even though its not the correct key the shape is right and it may still do the trick although I have never tried that

    The cable is at the far end of the handle and is held in place by a screw which will not be visible or reachable until you have pulled the handle back almost completely or you remove the two bolts and take the whole unit out of the car which is unnecessary for what you want to do.

    Good luck

    Clyde Boyer

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    Further you will find it hard to get fingers, sockets etc to the top of the bolts holding the outer tube as the glovebox body gets in the road and the handle is angled upwards with little room above the bracket to which the outer tube bolts.

    I am unsure as to what set screw you have circled as on all these handles I have seen the area you have circled is where the locking pin fits into the outer tube.

    Hope all that has helped


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