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Thread: fuel octane - 2.4 motor

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    fuel octane - 2.4 motor

    Just been reading through the Porsche Mechanical Fuel Injection Check Measure Adjust booklet.

    Noticed a note regarding YM72 onwards 2.4 motors & the use of high octane fuels :

    'From Model '72 on, all engines use 91 octane fuel.

    If these engines are run on higher-octane petrol, the fuel will not be properly utilized.

    Reason : the higher the anti-knock characteristic of a fuel the less easy it is to ignite.

    Thus if a 2.4 liter engine is operated on 98 octane fuel, the CO contant in the exhaust gas will be high and very difficult to adjust properly.

    When difficulties arise adjusting the CO content, ask the customer what kind of gasoline he is using.'

    Just thought it was interesting
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    I've read that to in the Bosch manual. I agree to a point because if a car sits alot (like mine) the fuel we get today breaks down rather quickly and after a month or so is pretty much stale.
    I keep racing fuel in the car during the winter and have been doing it in my antique bikes for years. Never have a problem with stuck gummed up carbs or a no-run situation when spring arrives.

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    I've tried both standard and super unleaded in mine down south (so 95 and 97/8ROn) and honestly the car runs better over all on the lower octane fuel.

    It has more top nd pull on the higher octane stuff but does not idle as cleanly or pull as strongly a low revs.

    Autofarm, who lokk after it have said that its fine to run it on the low octane, as it was originally recommended to run it on 2-star fuel admittedly that was leaded.

    I have not noticed any problems after not using it for a few weeks. ok I own up to letting her sit unused for more than a week or so, but then we do not get the evapouration issues over here that may be a problem in California.

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    I usually run the car on optimax. When the summer months come around & I start putting some miles on the car I think I will do some back to back test with optimax & standard unleaded to see if there is any performance difference
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    91 Octane is all we get here in CA, unless you drive up to Sear's point and fill up at the Union76 station inside the Paddock
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    100 Octane Unleaded....

    Hey Chris, here in LA, there are many (well, not many, but a few...) 76 stations where you can fill up (for $4.99/gal or so) on 100 Octane Unleaded. Some have higer octane unleaded AND leaded racing gas...

    San Vicente and Bundy - (about 2 minutes from my house)
    Entrada - (SM CYN) - 10 minutes
    Union 76 in Palos Verdes - 50 minutes...

    so if one was so IS available...albiet...$$$$$
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    So, then, my 10.5:1 2.4S motor shouldn't be run on 100 octane?!?!

    Sometimes I question the factory's sense ...
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    Just this last weekend I saw 2ea 5gal drums of Union 76 110 leaded race gas on the shelf of my local Monument Auto Parts store. I did not see a price, but if you need it you could buy something like this and blend it into our crappy super unleaded we have available here in CA.

    As an added bonus I know its an old racers trick to blend leaded and unleaded fuels for a little free octane boost due to a chemical reaction between the two fuels.

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    Originally posted by Mr9146
    So, then, my 10.5:1 2.4S motor shouldn't be run on 100 octane?!?! Sometimes I question the factory's sense ...
    I realize you're teasing, but I read the same thing. Seems that STOCK motors had lower compression starting with the 2.4 and should run better on lower octane. My '71 S motor has 9.8:1, I believe. So, I need the good stuff or better (read blend of small amounts of race gas). So, in terms of today's gas and ratings, what is the best gas for the 8.5:1 2.4?

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    California Gas

    These cars'll run all day long on California's 89 ... they just won't make any power. Most will agree that 87 is looking for trouble.

    91 is, and will always be, the way to go for a stock 911. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I run my high compression 2.4 on 91 all the time with no problem (except for excrutiatingly hot Valley days when she wants to ping).

    But, ya know, when I put 100 in at the track the other day, my car ran better than it ever has before. It had more oomph from a stand-still and would just sing in the upper revs ... smoother, better power everywhere. But 91 still does the trick ...
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