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Thread: San Fran: Good early car Mechanic Referral needed

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    San Fran: Good early car Mechanic Referral needed


    I need a referral for someone in the city (if possible). I've got a few guys I know mid-Penninsula, but I'd like to find someone in the city itself (south side preferred). I need a few options.


    Chris Purpura @civilizedmisfit
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    i always hear good things about The Stable. don't know their exact location.
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    Cars Dawydiak speciallizes in vintage Porsche sales and bodywork. They would likely know a good mechanic in the City. Call 415-928-2277.
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    Thanks. Yeah, I thought of them too. I ended up getting my guy from MtnView to drive up and do the PPI at the Born2BFast shop. Long story. Anyway, I'll plug him later.

    BTW- hopefully the car will be home by Friday evening. I was thinking that you and I need to hit Skyline this weekend assuming all goes well.
    Chris Purpura @civilizedmisfit
    Member #479
    72T aka The "Civilized Misfit" Build - Helicopter Cooled! See:
    2019 911 Carrera GTS (sold, no regrets)
    73S - #1100 (restored and now somewhere in Europe &#128546
    1997 993 Carrera 4S Black on Black (sold &#129394

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    Question AND !?!?!?!

    And...Chris, how did the PPI go?!?!?!
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    Jared Rundell - Registered User JCR's Avatar
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    Sorry, not from SF, so I have no wrench recommendations - just hoping Chris takes a digital camera with him on the maiden voyage!

    I'll crack open a Friday evening "pop" in your honor!
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    Oooh, fresh restoration...

    I am sooo happy to hear that the whole deal is finally near completion.

    Without starting a disagreement about proper engine break-in procedure, I would like to remind Chris to observe correct new motor ethics during the first few hundred miles.

    Remember, as great as the first days ride will will be getting better from then on.

    Snowbound, Shawn.
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    The Stable

    Edit...sorry didn't see your south side request, he's pretty central within the city, on Franklin at Pine...

    Alan is one of the most knowledgable air cooled porsche guys in SF. Services early drivers on up to building and maintaining vintage racers, 356 and 911s,

    He usually has a handful of early cars in the shop to drool on as well, heck his in-shop engine mover is a restored Porsche Tractor! Can't get much earlier than that...

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    More on this required...

    I would like to keep yopurp's thread alive. All reputable shops in the city and south bay area are good info for me and others. It is very difficult to find PPI guys from MY location.

    Web sites are nice, but any sort of contact info is helpfull. Great to hear about the good guys that may travel to inspect.


    Oh, and Chris is driving this (insert goofy dance) weekend..whoo hooo.
    67 coupe roller
    99 M96 2.5 litre
    early911s reg 447
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    Jared & Shawn - thanks, but don't jinx it. My expectations on when I'd have my car have been set and reset so many times I'm afraid to hope. However, barring any unforseen problems (PPI is on Thursday), I think the car came out great.

    JB - thanks for the word on the Stable. I've heard of him before, but I believe he's had some sort of running fued with Wayne. I can't tell if its just close competition for 25 years, or something else but figured it best to not put the two of them together (I need an objective view on the car, not axe grinding if you know what i mean).

    As for a good guy on the mid-penninsular, I highly recommend David Modderman, at Modderman Service.

    David took care of my 993 beautifully, and was originally recommended by the service manager at Carlsen Porsche, one of the biggest and oldest Porsche dealers in the Bay Area. David is also the suspension guy for Dick Barber's ALMS team.

    I recommended David to John Hauslett at West Coast Autosport and know that John's been using Dave for PPI's and some repairs on early cars and has been happy with the attention to detail.

    I'm ending up paying David's drive time on top of a normal PPI charge to do the inspection, so you know I'm putting my own money behind my recommendation.

    Anyway, I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes. As always, if I can help anyone on the board by looking at or driving a car you want to buy from a distance, let me know. I live on the mid-penninsula (near Palo Alto/Stanford U) and work in downtown SF so anything in between is pretty easy for me. I'm a PCA member in GGR as well.

    I've had so much valuable advice from the guys on this bboard, I need to pay it back.
    Chris Purpura @civilizedmisfit
    Member #479
    72T aka The "Civilized Misfit" Build - Helicopter Cooled! See:
    2019 911 Carrera GTS (sold, no regrets)
    73S - #1100 (restored and now somewhere in Europe &#128546
    1997 993 Carrera 4S Black on Black (sold &#129394

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