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Thread: please advise me!

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    please advise me!

    Hi, I've been lurking here for awhile now. Finally found a reason to post. I've been looking for a 911 for awhile, and I have found 2 that are somewhat close to me and am considering taking a look at. By the way, these cars are both Ts. As much as I'd like it to be an S, my budget decided for me that my first Porsche will be a T... because I really don't want anything other than an early car, specifically a lwb early car (69-73). I also prefer a coupe over a targa, although I would be happy with either. Of the 2 cars described below, what would be the better candidate, pending a PPI of course, but just based on what I'm looking for (more on that below).

    the following is based on the currect owners' descriptions.

    car #1: 1970 911T coupe - white/black. 39K orig miles. car was sitting for some years. CO bought in 2000 and rebuilt engine, brakes, fuel system, etc. paint/interior is said to be in great shape. it is said to run great. window trim, door handles, probably the horn grilles (i only have a driver side view pic to look at) have been painted black. non-original black mirror(s). headlight trim is painted body color. black cookie cutters. CO claims no rust. asking price is $8750.

    car #2: 1972 911T targa - orange/black. 60K ~ 70K original miles (not documented, but CO says based on shape of int/ext, he believs to be accurate). int/ext is in great original condition. has an oil leak. from CO description, it sounds like it loses quite a bit of oil. CO claims no rust. asking price is $9500.

    Just to clarify, I'm into original looking / original engine type cars. I'm not as concerned with whether or not the color is original or if it is the original paint. As long as it looks orginal, I will be happy.

    Now, my main question... assuming neither are rusty, is it better to get a car that is in tip top mechanical condition, even if some cosmetic changes are desired? Or is the one with the leaky engine a better choice? If I get car #1, I would want to change the appearance ot it and can probably do all the work myself (changing trim peices, door handles, etc.). I would also want to get fuchs for it. So with car #1, there will be some additional expense to get the look I'm after, but I can do that over time. Car #2 is actually the color I want, and the ext/int is in the state I would like it to be, but the leaky engine and lack of a rebuild scares me. Also car #1 is a coupe which is preferred.

    Anyway, if anyone can offer some suggestions/advice, please do. I haven't looked at these cars yet, and I would rather look at only one of them because one is 2 hours away and the other is 3 hours away (in opposite directions).

    BTW, this post turned out a lot longer than expected. If you have read all of this, you are very patient and I appreciate it.


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    since you are looking for a coupe I would go with car 1; also since car 1 has abetter engine that seems a more prudent way to go.
    The cosmetic things you can fix over time while you enjoy the car.

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    I was thinking the same thing. thanks for the reply.

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    Engine work can be a major expense. I'd be more likely to go for the mechanically sound car, especially if a PPI gives it a clean bill of health.

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    The all-important PPI


    It seems that since you are unconcerned about the cosmetics, I would opt for Door #1, pending a clean bill of health on the engine. I have heard horror stories about engine rebuilds that didn't come out as expected. Be sure to get an engine leakdown and compression test. That should tell you whether the cylinders and valves are solid.

    Rust is the greatest enemy of these early cars. More of a problem in the Targas (my fave). But if you want a coupe, then there is less of a structural problem with hidden rust, there are more places for the rust to hide in a Targa.

    Enjoy the game, but understand that as the passion grows, so does the ongoing expense, not just for mechanical needs but for cosmetic and comfort WANTS.

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    Based on these descriptions, I'd move towards car #1. But I'm partial to coupes.

    If the black painted trim was in good shape, and not scuffed up for painting, it may be easy to strip and restore. If you have to replace, these parts can really add up cost wise. Good point mentioned, that you can do this type of work over time, by yourself, while you enjoy the car.

    Be sure to check carefully for rust. If you don't find any, look again.
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    Also check all receipts for work done, as a matter of fact have the guy fax them to you. Door number one sounds the better deal, especially since you wantr a coupe. 72's are a bit more desirable though because of the 2.4 L motor. Check battery box for rust, then all points where the suspension meets the body. I do keep saying that over and over don't I...hmmmm

    I also am suspicious of anybody claiming under a 100,000 miles on these cars. A 1970 car is 34 years old and with 39000 miles was only driven just over a 1000 miles a year...give me a break.

    My car has 175,000 miles and had 4 owners before me, I am astounded at how nice the car is for all those owners. You'd think it would be a rat. So the point of telling you this is that a car can have quiet a few miles on it and still be nice.
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    Originally posted by JCR
    If the black painted trim was in good shape, and not scuffed up for painting, it may be easy to strip and restore.
    I'm curious... can anyone tell me what type of material the window trim was originally? anodized aluminum, polished alum.? if polished aluminum is correct, that would be perfect. Like JCR said, if the trim is in decent shape, this is stuff I can do myself. However, if it is anodized, I'm not sure. I don't have any experience with that finish.

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    as for the milage of car #1, the CO says the car sat (indoors) from around 1980 to 2000 when he purchased it. so it that's true, it has been driven less than 14 years. 39,000 is still pretty low, but i don't think its unreasonable (if his story is true). The CO, upon buying the car, had to completely go through it (b/c it was sitting so long) to get it sorted, so thats another year or so maybe that it wasn't on the road. i'm just as skeptical about it, but just thought i'd give you as much of the story as i have.

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    Odometer mileage is meaningless without a documented service history. Even if accurate, sitting for 20 years without being driven isn't a good thing. If he had the engine rebuilt he should have detailed invoices with a record of all parts and labor. I'd go with the results of the PPI and forget about what the seller says (without proof anyway).

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