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Thread: Best Rubber part source

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    Best Rubber part source

    Greetings all,

    I am getting my 68 finished up for now. I need two door seals, a front bumper seal and a hood seal. Has anyone had experience finding a source for these outside of Porsche or Stoddard? I am assuming based on paying $80 for a quarter window seal from Porsche that these too would be pricey. If I can buy something as good, great. Otherwise I will buck up and buy the factory ones. Thanks.



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    Pelican sells's a link:
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    Thankyou. Have you used any of their rubber parts? I am trying to avoid inferior pieces. I know alot of people sell them. Just want good quality at a non dealer price if that is possible. Thanks


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    I don't know if this is the best source, but I have gotten several hard to find rubber items from Roger Bray Restorations in the UK. Nick Moss put me onto them and I was able to find a solid rubber door seal from them instead of the 'garden hose' hollow seal everyone has. Check it out to see how their prices compare with the other sources mentioned.

    Roger Bray Restorations parts page

    R Gruppe #299

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    I just got a catalogue from these folks , but I know nothing about them.

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    I bought only two rubber seals from pelican. A rear window seal and the engine lid seal...more like a flap? Both came with the porsche emblem & a porsche part number on them....I don't know about the others...
    Paul D. Early S Registry #8 - Cyclops Minister of West Coast Affairs
    "Now, to put a water-cooled engine in the rear and to have the radiator in the front, that's not very intelligent." -Ferry Porsche (PANO, Oct. 1973)

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    rubber seals

    The most frustrating part of restoring early cars is the lack of availibility of quality rubber trim, especially SWB cars. The wide bumper trim being the worst. 69-73 911 cars have the last 5 inches of the rubber bumper trim butt glued together. A blind man, (or woman), could do a better job. Look at a old worn piece of bumper ,(original at time of manufacture), and the butt glued end piece can hardly be detected. The stuff you buy today looks like a guy glued it together after chugging a bottle in gin. As far as 67/68 S bumper and side trim, totally forget it. The end pieces were not butt glued, they are one piece from one end to the other, with the last two inches having a slight taper down.
    As far as door seals and other bits, it's not so bad. I think Porsche buys on the aftermarket and bags it with there label with some of the rubber trim. Door handle trim is another. Originally it was a hard semi gloss rubber/vinyl. Now it's a soft rubber that doesn't look right when you tighten the handle down.
    The saga goes on and on.

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