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Thread: RS 1288 on eBay

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    RS 1288 on eBay

    Check this out. Not for the faint of heart.
    Dick Moran

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    Unhappy very sad indeed....

    I remember well the "then current rage" back in the 80's of coverting one's 911 to a slant nose.....pretty cool for about 2 years

    I still recall all the conversions that went thru the wife's shop.....

    But I never would have dreamed of this happening to an RS !!!

    God only know what the h*ll they were thinking.....
    Johnny Riz
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    Pitiful indeed. It looks like an abused dog. It would be nice to see it rescued and restored, but it would take deep pockets. Depending on the selling price, and the restoration costs, you would probably have to wait a good while to get your money out - if that was the goal. Too bad we don't have a S/R fund - but then it would get too complicated after it was finished.
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    Paul D. Early S Registry #8 - Cyclops Minister of West Coast Affairs
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    After reading this thread I'm tempted to check out the ebay RS, much like the desire to stare at an eclipse. For now, I'm going to assume I'm better off not peeking.

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    I think the real question is, who's going to buy it and sink a fortune in it to bring it back. any takers!!

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    Well, it's over and it didn't sell. I'd take it for $5000 too. Who wouldn't? What do you guys think the reserve was? Just parting out all the incorrect stuff including the turbo motor should pay for the car depending on price. So, you'd have an RS bare tub to play with. Better than sinking a bunch of money in a T or a mid year car. In fact, you could then probably sell the tub and come out ahead.

    Making it a show winner would be a colossial project.

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    The stamped vin number looks bogus. It is missing the stars on each side, is not centered on the raised area as it should be and is really crooked, comparing to my RS. Without a confirmed production number I would say this is worse than it looks if that's possible!



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    One of my moles actually inspected that car about 5 years ago. And I am sorry to say, it may even be worse than it looks!

    Lots of rust, sunroof welded shut and then some bondo slapped over it. No original parts. Short nose clip welded on, which is why the front VIN plate has been relocated to inner fender. A new long nose clip would have to be mounted in order to convert back to long nose and refit battery boxes, etc. Most disturbing is the fact that the VIN plate inside the trunk compartment appears to have been welded in place (look at bottom of pic in ad) and not original.

    This car is a chop shop special that might be 1% RS. I don't know whether to mourn the loss of the original car, or pray that the seller gets an arm and a leg for it to continue to raise the values for nice cars like mine.

    Buyer beware on this one guys. You've all been warned - not that any sane person couldn't already tell that this car is the personification of a FRIGHT PIG
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