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Thread: The long wait is over..

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    Talking The long wait is over..

    I'm going this weekend to get my new mistress!

    I'm heading down south to pick up a 70S I bought. I'm going to tow her back home myself on a transporter. Since she isn't running yet any suggestions on getting her up the ramps? Where would be the safest place to attach underneath the car if I were to use a ratcheting "come-along"?

    One more question. Does the grinning ever wear off? My wife says I look like the Joker.
    “Electricity is really just organized lightning”

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    I'll be excited to see yet another early 911 in santa cruz.

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    Where "down south" did you find a car?

    As far as pulling the car up on the transporter, do not use the tow hook located under the front. You can tie something to that as a saftey, but keep the slack out. You need to wrap your sling around the front a-arms. The longer the sling, the less the angle trying to pull the 2 a-arms together. Try to tie the car down with over the tire tie downs or thru the wheels. Check it at each fuel and rest stop, especially at the beginnig of the trip.

    Good luck on the haul and congrats. Oh, and yes, the aquistion is a grinner. I just got mine 6 mos. ago. I have a ton of work to do on it, but instead of that depressing me, I look foward to each hour working and smile a lot.

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    Did you buy the black one that was on ebay?

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    What do you mean by a "transporter" are you putting the car on a trailer or a slideback?

    Zeke is spot on with the attachement points and distribution between the A arms. Good advise there.

    Trailer hauling is a different animal altogether. Best of Luck with your new 70S.

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    Hi all, Thanks for the advise!

    Sunday.. It was the Black S on Ebay a couple of weeks ago.

    Zeke... Down in Bakersfield.

    Shawn.. It's a full flatbed trailer not the front wheel dolly type.

    Fuego.. Is yours the gray SWB coupe? If it is I love the gray with the Tan interior! Sweet!

    I took a chance on this one without looking at it personally. I was out working in the field in sunny S. Dakota at the time. There were a couple of other board members that were interested in the car, looked at it and told the owner that it was in pretty good condition. I got lucky in that the guy was turning down cash offers and decided to let the auction ride.(For once!) and I anticipated a last second attempt to outbid me.

    It wasn't in a barn but, this guy bought the contents of a storage unit that had a lien against it and the car was in it. The last tags are from '85 and the car has 45k on the odom. Could easily be original miles if it has been stored that long. I'll know more when I start diggin into the history. Looks like I am the second owner.
    “Electricity is really just organized lightning”

    -Dusty 70S Coupe
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    That was an interesting car with a lot of potential. It looks solida and sport seats are a plus with it. The engine was the big unknown, if you are lucky you can get it running cheaply and have the car for quite a bargain. I believe the owner said it was originally silver? If so it would be a fantastic car with a repaint (or if you leave it black).

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    yes I have a 70 coupe that is grey w/ tan interior... but I'm in the process of converting the interior to black and it's currently receiving a euro 3.0 w/ webers.

    I also have a 71 E targa.

    yet I"m still envious of your S. sounds like a great opportunity.

    best of luck to you,

    paul schuster

    thiking of buying a 240z

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    Congrats! Get it running for the weekend of June 6th, Vintage Races in Sonoma so we can all see it.


    My first car at 16 was a cherry 240Z (1972). Dad paid half, I paid half. I totalled it about 6 months later racing a buddy who had a 68 Camaro (hood tach, 454 I believe) out Tassahara Rd in Danville (now all houses, back then nothing but a 2 lane through cow country). I was lucky to walk away, but the car wasn't. I've mellowed a bit now. Great car for the money, I wonder if they are going up like early 911s. I think I paid $2800 in 1985 for that thing.

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    Yeah Sunday, the Silver possibility put me over the edge. I must admit I relied heavily on the opinions of the guys that physically looked at the car. I figured if the engine did need a full rebuild I could throw another engine in it temporarily and enjoy it. I had almost gotten to the point of buying a good T and rodding it up. This just seemed like a good shot to get into a good S without spending 30 Large upfront. I'm trying to put an addition on my house right now.

    What are you doing with the Tan interior you are taking out? I might be interested. If the car turns out to be original Black then I might go with the Tan interior for awhile. If the original color was Silver I may still play around with the Tan to see what I would like better.

    “Electricity is really just organized lightning”

    -Dusty 70S Coupe
    -S Registry #586

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