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Thread: 67 front bumper opinions needed...

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    67 front bumper opinions needed...

    I still have the lead weights in my stock front bumper and there are no attachment points for a front license plate.

    I will be taking my car down to America and am considering hanging a front plate to comply with the west coast states laws regarding this. (driving through WA OR CA and AZ)

    Sooo, my question do I (period) correctly destroy the original front bumper to mount a license plate and, should I remove the weights? My original thoughts were to leave the weights while the car is only for street use.

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    Ok, who has the guts to tell this man how to deface the front of his car?

    Could you fab a set of temporary brakets which would clamp on to the bottom of the nose's sheet metal and stay on at speed? . I can see two U shaped pieces of metal with holes drilled in one end for the plate to attach to and long enough to wrap under the nose and attach with with some wing nuts or some other fastener so it clamps itself to the inside of the sheet metal. The U shaped pieces of metal would require padding so it wouldn't hurt your paint and you would want a couple of larger pieces of metal to screw the wing bolts into. OR..... just put the plate on the dash like everyone else who got busted not wearing a plate.
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    front plate

    I was of the understanding that if a vehicle does not come equipped for a front drilled holes, brackets, etc. there is a waiver that allows you to not have a front plate.
    I would also think that since you're just driving through each state (transporting), that there would be an allowance there if you were stopped for a reason.
    Dan S

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    thanks guys...

    Rick, you have two early cars. What do you have on the front of them?

    Dan, I like the sound of that. And...the front of you car is adorned with a plate or not?

    No one cares to address the total 49lbs of boat anchor that the factory placed in each front corner of my performance vehicle?

    Shawn. You guys are great.
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    99 M96 2.5 litre
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    Re: thanks guys...

    Originally posted by Shawn
    No one cares to address the total 49lbs of boat anchor that the factory placed in each front corner of my performance vehicle?
    I took my weights out, but I also autox my '67S. The factory put them in there to increase the polar moment of the chassis and improve the F/R weight distribution a bit. The change to a 2" longer wheelbase in '69 and the dual battery boxes over the front wheels was driven by the same goal. This makes the car safer to drive for the average person who doesn't understand how to handle a rear engined car. If you are skilled enough to anticipate and deal with oversteer, you don't need that extra margin of safety. Unfortunately, the correction for oversteer is counter-intuitive (you get ON the throttle, not OFF, when the rear end starts to slide), so most people are safer in front-engined cars that are understeering pigs.

    In the interest of reducing liability, the modern street 911s as delivered today are set up to understeer from the factory, which is one of the reasons they are not as challenging and fun to drive as the older ones. The computerised PSM system takes even more fun out of the equation in the interest of idiot-proofing the car.

    As far as the front plate goes, I have never had one on my '67S and still don't. If the car was originally issued one plate, you are not required to have two in CA. However, every car registered nowadays is issued two plates, so if you apply for new CA plates at any time, you are required to display both. I have been cited for no front plate in my '73, but not the '67 (yet).

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    My car has holes and a front plate, but when I get ready to repaint it I plan on filling the holes carefully and painting over it. Being that it is a '68, I was told I could get away with it.
    A friend has a Corvette that doesn't have the front holes drilled, and another had a Fiero that had the nose replaced minus the holes.
    The current look on my car definitely needs to be plateless.
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    Dan S

    '68 911 w/RSR kit (my first)
    '69 Nova street rod
    '03 H-D Heritage Springer

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    I was under the assumption that a front plate is not required on an out of state vehicle from a 1-plate state.

    I'm in Michigan and we only get one plate. If I were to visit CA I wouldn't have the option of running 2 plates.

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    Orygun is a 2 plate state. Years ago, to avoid drilling holes, I had a clear front pocket sewn to a bra..slipped the plate in the pocket, and no more gripes about front plate missing from the boys in blue. Now that I'm running a "special interest" sticker, the cops would probably give more leeway...with your '67, you might look into the laws in the state you're moving to about "antique" "Historical" or "special interest" vehicles. You car would certainly qualify here in Oregon!
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    CA front plates

    I live in CA and have 9 cars. only three have a front plate and I've never had a problem.

    also, I used to live in Louisiana. they have no front plates. if a person who lives in LA and has their car titled and registered there drives through CA they are not required to find a front plate. and I bet the CA police will have any real idea if AK is a two plate state or not.

    I say to just forget about applying a front plate.

    paul schuster
    santa cruz

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    i forget who mentioned this but their solution was to scan their lic plate, output color print, laminate, and velcro to the front bumper. i have had my car for 5 years without a f plate with no problems.
    btw, nice car shawn!
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