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Thread: What's safe in the cylinders?

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    Question What's safe in the cylinders?

    I'm going to start looking into the engine of my 2.2S tonight.

    Back in my mispent youth working on $2300.00 Z cars I'd have dumped penetrating fluid down the cylinders for a couple days before attempting to turn over by hand on a car that had been sitting for a couple of years or more. If it turned and I could start it the fluid would burn out.

    Don't want to just jump in like that here as the engine has sat for almost 17 years. Any suggestions other than clean oil?

    As for the exterior mechanicals/linkages I expect four or five large cans of WD40 should do the trick...

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    I'm not an expert at this - I would however suggest that you drain and clean out the fuel tank, blow out the lines, and take care of the fuel filter as well. I wouldn't try to start it with the junk that's probably in the fuel system after all this time.

    Also, you might want to post this over at Pelican as well if you haven't. You'll get excellent info. here but they have the advantage of sheer volume in traffic. You'll likely get a bunch of posts with detailed instructions on the best way to start one that's been in hibernation so long.

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    I would try a little Marvel Mystery Oil to help turn it over...

    The trouble with boxer motors not being started for a long time is that they are usually dry on the tops of the cylinders only - the bottoms usually have a little lubrication in them no mater what... so when you turn them over the rings stick at the top, bind, and sometimes snap...


    I use a little (about 1/2 pint ea.) of MMO in the gas, and in the oil tank every month... it's seems these old MFI motors really like it. It's a good top-oil lubricant to help with our crapy gas, and it helps with the inherent 'gas wash' contamination of our cylinders because of the MFI systems. I heard of some of the old Porsche wrenches use it to fill stored MFI pumps.

    Of all the 'snake oil' out there MMO seems to really do something...

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    I too feed MMO into the pcar tank on occasion. I would also pour some into the still-born engine before attempting rotation. WD40 is basically kerosene with minimal lubrication qualities for an engine.


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    I've used it in every old car I've Grandfather swore by it.
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    On the flip side, my S motor is going into semi-permanent hybernation for who knows how long. This is to make room for the RS spec is soon to be completed. What is the best way to preserve a motor out of the car besides keeping it indoors and dry?
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    In case you haven't seen it, there is an excellent thread on Pelican right now with info. on how to start an engine that hasn't run in a long time.

    Engine Preparation Steps

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    Used engine. Nobody mentioned a compression test.


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    I caught that one early this morning. Thanks for thinking of me Sunday. Some great info.

    Yesterday was great. Engine fully prepped for the drop. Just need to get some 6 ton stands and a good floor jack and I'm rockin. I'll post some progress reports later for those that are interested.

    Boy it's been a good 12 years since I've done wrenching that I WANTED to do and not the have tos like "rotate the tires, do the brakes, lube the chassis, change the oil" in the commuters.

    After working a full day on my new toy yesterday I find myself SOOO relaxed. It's funny. I jacked up the car to pull the wheels to check the date codes and the rear sway bushings disintegrated. The sway bar fell totally away from the banana arms and I actually smiled because it means another chance to learn something new about my ride.
    “Electricity is really just organized lightning”

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