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Thread: Cleaning throttle bodies

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    Cleaning throttle bodies

    When trying to balance the air flow on the velocity stacks in my '73S, it quickly became appearent that turning the air adjustment screws makes very little difference on most cylinders. According to "check, measure, adjust," this means that I need to clean the throttle bodies. Has anyone done this? Do I need to pull the throttle bodies off or can I just squirt some carb cleaner done the adjust screw holes? Any recommendations for a cleaner? Any input would be appreciated.

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    My adjusters were doing the same I while back...

    So... I took out the needle screws, cleaned them well - then sprayed a good cleaner/solvent (like Wurth Plastic & Metal Parts Cleaner - BTW, great cleaner for almost anything) in the holes and cleaned out with pipe cleaners.

    However on my system this made not much difference to the air screw adjustments....Mine had over 150,000 miles on it ... the usual problem with high milage is that worn throttle body plates will tend to negate most all attempts for fine tuning.

    After total throttle body rebuilding at Eurpmetrics my adjusting screws work remarkably well.

    Hope this helps,
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    Mine do the same thing...I think its hard to fine tune them when the butterflies leak so badly. I bought a used set and hope they fix the problem short term and also give me a set to run the motor while Matt rebuilds mine. Also leads to idle creep once warm, ends up idling at ~1250rpm.
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    I asked Jerry Woods about adjustments to the carburator, and he said to close the all air adjustment screws all the way, and make any needed adjustments with the idle mixture screws. Worked great for me.
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    I had the BG injection/throttle body/valve train cleaning done a couple of weeks ago. It's not snake oil. It really works. Decarboned the valves, cleaned up the throttle bodies and the addition of 44K every couple of tankfuls or so will guarantee clean injectors.
    My car was night and day different after the process. I watched the "crap" come out the tailpipe during the process. As we got further along it stopped coming out.
    We "injected the cleaner with a special atomizer unit which sprays the chemical into the throat of the stack.
    We used the chemical on a 1 minute per inlet series and then a 30 seconds per we ran out. Let the car sit about 15 minutes and then gave it a "Tony the mechanic" tune-up.
    The stuff might come under different names but I guarantee you that the BG stuff really works.


    I have my automatic transmissions flushed every 20k miles with the BG machine. It's the key to a long life in an automatic. Mobil 1 synthetic goes back in. I've never wasted a transmission and this goes for my diesel truck as well. I also highly recommend the radiator flush as well.
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    FA-18C--How long is Eurometrix' turn around time these days?

    Sithot--Can you tell me more about the BG cleaning--I've never heard of it? Is it a product you can purchase or a process/machine work that you buy from a mechanic?

    All--I know that Henry at Supertec in Orange County will also rebuild throttle bodies, and has even had some linkage rods fabricated. Has anyone used him for this instead of Eurometrix?

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    Honestly, I have querried Eurometrix, Supertec, and EBS. They all quote about the same $$'s, same turn around 4-6 weeks, and likely do the same service. Eurometrix has been doing it well for a long time, and appears that they are the go to guys based on a well earned reputation. I am hoping to kick that expense a bit down the road and also not sideline my machine when I do pull the trigger.
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    BG is over-the-counter but as far as the system that was used on my car I wouldn't try it at home unless you buy the special container that is pressurized via a compressed air source which is complete with gauges. The particular one my guy used had an atomization nozzle which I'm guessing was the better part of his expense on the contraption. It was placed inside each individual the manifold stack on the schedule that I wrote about previously.
    The atomization helps as pure liquid could kill the engine. I suspect the upfront for that piece was not terribly expensive (maybe along the lines of $300), however, who needs one hanging around the garage?
    I think it best to take it to the shop and smoke it up there. There is a lot of smoke in the beginning of the process!
    Total cost for the job was around $120 including chemicals and labor. The chemicals were the lions share of the dollars spent.

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    Matt Blast of Eurometrics is sending my finished Throttle Bodies out today. He quoted me eight weeks when I sent them to him but they were finished in five.

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    Chuck, others...

    Does Eurometrics re-machine the worn throttle body plates as well? Or, can you order new ones (part # - Chuck ) I just did a google on them and there's nothing. Where are they located and does anyone have a phone number?
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