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Thread: Still Have The HIghest Ratings

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    Still Have The HIghest Ratings

    I fully admit I am a "BLITHING IDIOT"......but for someone who is on half this Boards IGNORE LIST...I still do pull in the Ratings. As of this moment the count is 37 Responses and 830 Views. Which is more than any recent post on this Board. In my estimation it's amazing that a "Blithing Idiot" can be so popular. Hmmm I do wonder what that says about the readship of this Board?
    Master of the Buffet

    Voice of Reasoned Conservatism

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    Red face There you go again


    You are truly delusional!


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    Actually Tabs, your post "u cant make history" was not the chart topping you boast.
    "u cant make history" did make it in the top 100 for views, just barely as #84, hardly a best seller.
    This post was a little better in the top 100 for replies at #69.
    Your other post "Beaten to death" recieve the most replies of any of your posts. But is was still just #59 on the all time most replies top 100.
    Truely you have never had a post rate in most views or most replies in the top 50.
    If we could study all posts with the least amount of replies how would you rate?

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    but consider what people like to look at. I mean if you turn on the TV or commercial radio you will quickly see that what makes the mass of folks interested has nothing to do w/ taste or intelligence.

    mass popularity is the hallmark of mediocrity.

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    It seems that people can't stop themselves from slowing down and looking at accidents as they pass by....

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    Just for the record..........I didn't misspell "blithering," he did. He must do that on purpose.

    Yes, he is pulling better than he should. Part of this is my fault. I will begin to totally ignore the man. It will go away.

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    Hmmm from what I can tell... it looks to me that the most common/view attracting topics are:

    Anything 1973

    and anything with pics in it...

    those that are replied to....

    Wheels... Anything 1973... and anything with pics in it...

    it is rather interesting to point out though... the #1 and #2 posters on the site... pwd followed by tabs...

    go figger

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    Originally posted by lbritish is rather interesting to point out though... the #1 and #2 posters on the site... pwd followed by tabs...

    go figger
    Tabs is only #2 because there is no type of "quantifier" to measure the worth of one's proposed pure $heet and the webcounter still counts it as a post....

    post 1000 posts with nothing more than ...

    and it's still counted as a legit post.

    Paul at least keeps us coming back with measured rations of both his wit and wisdom....personally as a young spud, I'll keep the lip zipped and the ears peeled when I hear PWD.....

    as always, just my .02
    Johnny Riz
    73E euro 3.2 w. a few goodies
    Rgrp 152
    S Reg 335

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    LIPS ZIPPED?????

    OH PLEZE....I am the GREATEST...Without me this site just becomes well plain ole BORING!!! I keep you boyz from becoming comatose. I deserve RESPECT for what I bring to this site....

    Oh Burner you forget the Thread that I deleted...that had close to 2000 views and over 100 replys in less than a week and that was when this Board only had 263 was the post U and Grago were having hissy fits over... Burner, you think U got my ain't got the horsepower to catch me on the streight away and you sure can't take me down in the corners.

    No I don't go away, if you ignore hasn't worked so far..LMFAO... when I want to I am able to get all you boyz to come outa the woodwork whats the dif if U all CLAIM to have me on your ignore lists...LOL....I think U all are just making that up!

    Oh Johnny Wiz...U take the cake LMFAO..."Measured rations of both his wit and wisedom" U gota be kidding...that ole Goat...I can see him wearing his Lumber Jack Suit chopping wood up there in ORYGUN....
    Master of the Buffet

    Voice of Reasoned Conservatism

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    Originally posted by tabs52
    Oh Burner you forget the Thread that I deleted...
    I looked and could not find where the ratings for deleted posts are stored?

    Fact is you are not in the top 50 for anything.
    You have far from the highest ratings in any catagory. Fact is several of us have several posts in the top 50 for both replies and views, you do not.

    You can claim highest ratings, but in fact according to this boards stats you are far far down the list.

    You cant debate it, your ratings are there for everyone to see.

    Highest rating would be #1, you are in the 50s or 60s at best.

    IMHO ratings means nothing, content is everything.
    You would have a stronger position claiming best content, as that is more subjective. Though popular opinion may not be in your favor there either.

    Since you respect the ratings I am sure you will hold me in high regard as creator of the post rated #1 for replies(141).
    First I would like to thank all the Early S board members that helped make this happen. I could not have done it without the interest and input from all of you.

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