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Thread: nice '73 911E on ebay

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    nice '73 911E on ebay

    Here's a nice car: Are E's starting to catch up to S's?

    It has its flaws, though:

    They put all that effort into it and couldn't put the Porsche emblem on the hood? It looks like a person would look without a belly button.

    More importantly, they rebuilt the engine to S spec, thus nullifying the low rev advantage of the E that many people prefer. Not smart, IMHO.
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    FOR AN "E"?
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    Zero bids yet....
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    Originally posted by pwd72s
    Zero bids yet....
    ...and I'll bet there won't be any.
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    B-b-buy Bushwood?!?!
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    As an "E" owner, I hope he does well. But I think he's overly optimistic at the starting price for his auction.

    And on the subject of overly-optimistic sellers-- Did that guy ever sell his $65,000 (or was it $50K?) soft window targa?
    Sandy Isaac
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    I will lay odds that this car is a real "cherry" when you get past the "story". No deal.


    PS: no mfi, no hood emblem and in FL? You gotta be crazy.
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    My '73 came with a Weber story.

    Previously a California car, I was told a PO (who I hunted down and contacted) removed MFI and installed Webers to pass tough CA emissions tests back in the day. Correct MFI came with the car in a box, which I hope to recondition and install soon.

    I bought the story, but BOY did I underestimate the cost to get the MFI correctly restored! Ouch! Well at least I have the parts and can sell the Webers for a downpayment on the job.

    PS - nice to see the US rubberbabybuggybumpers gone on this one.
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    67 blue soft window targa

    sandy,i think you're talking about tom graham in upstate ny,no i spoke to him 2 weeks ago and offered him $45m,but he is surely in la la land, he thinks it's worth closer to $80m. before my offer the best he was offered was $25m.i have no interest in the car

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    My 1973 911E

    I must have been asleep at the wheel and didn't see this thread. Otherwise I would have repsonded to some of the negative comments being made here sooner.
    First of all, the car is exactly as it has been presented: a nicely restored matching numbers 911E sunroof coupe. Look at the pictures which I deliberatley took with a higher resolution digital camera so people could see how clean the body is.
    The reason the hood emblem is missing is because I bought a new rubber seal for it the day before and hadn't had the chance to put it on the day I took those pic's. Not exactly a major flaw that couldn't be corrected fairly quickly by any new owner?! And a new badge is only $30 anyway. Is that a deal breaker for a person in the market ready to spend thousands for an early 911? Come on.
    As regards the rebuild to S spec's, I knew that it was going detract from the orginality of the car. I went to Webers because the cost of rebuilding my pump by Gus at Pacific Fuel, looking around on Ebay and Pelican for S intake stacks, and replacing my injectors was going to be $3k plus. I have had a few early 911's, some with MFI and some with carb's, and I have been very happy with Webers. When they are dialed in and jetted properly, they are great and very easy to adjust and maintain. Certainly, anyone who decides to buy the car can go back to the MFI. 911E or S MFI set-ups come up on EBay every few months, and you can get close to a $1k for selling the Webers which can go toward the MFI retrofit.
    I am surprised that some of you guys are upset that I decided to upgrade the car's hp? This is the S registry, isn't it? You should applaud the desire to emulate the 911S performance which has made all of us on this board early 911S junkies. Instead some of you guys are actually criticizing me for giving up the 911E midrange performance. Maybe you should join the 911E registry

    As for the pricing of the car, $25k may be more than what the market will pay, but I am hopeful that someone who is looking seriously for a clean, early silver sunroof coupe with great mechanicals will realize that my car is be a better buy for their money than spending $20k on a roughed up early S with high mileage and no rebuild, or a clean 911T targa for $18k. If a good clean 2.4 911S sunroof coupe is worth $40k plus, whose to say that a very nice 911E is worth much less?
    As many of you who have sold a sportscars would agree, a seller is better off starting on the high range and negotiating down if necessary. If I listed it on EBay with a buy it now price that was hit on the first day, I would be upset at myself that I gave it away.

    Lastly, Sithot you are quick to dismiss this car is crap because it has no MFI, no hood emblem and is in FL. In all due respect, what are you thinking? There are some great early 911's in Florida that would blow the doors off of your car and break your bank book. Try checking out Gunnar Racing or Klubsport, both of whom are located in South Florida. Based on your statement, I guess your Porsche preferences would lead you to want a rust bucket sitting in a garge in Socal next to the ocean with original popping and smoking MFI, and a big bright Porsche emblem, rather than a stock, rust free freshly rebuilt 73 911E - with Webers that happened to be located in Florida. You should have a little more respect for your peers on this board and not be so arrogant about the west coast being the mystic land of early 911s. I lived on the west coast for a few years and I saw alot of rusty old 911 and 912's while I was there. Good clean rust free early 911's are not exclusive to California. They can be found anywhere where someone has the desire and interest to preserve one.

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    B-b-buy Bushwood?!?!
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    A soft window targa for sale at $80K, a 911S "valued" over $40K, or this 911E for sale-- The real value of an early 911 is subjective until real money changes hands. I'll be interested to know what this 911E sells for.
    Sandy Isaac
    '69 911E

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