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Thread: Regular.... S... L...T...E...?

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    Regular.... S... L...T...E...?

    Ok... I got the basic difference between a regular and a S.... a little more Horsepower in the S... better top end...

    The E is different on the lower end RPMs and torque or something I think...

    What's the difference with the T and the L?

    So I have the S and E thing screwed up?

    My girlfriend actually asked today and I wasnt totally sure the EXACT stuff with the regular vs S and E... or if there was more then just what I thought.... and I have no idea on L's and T's...

    any other letters out there?

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    start with...

    "Porsche Buyers Guide" - Dean Batchelor, then

    "Original Porsche 911" - Peter Morgan, after that move to

    "Porsche 911 The Definitive History" - "1963-1971" Brian Long then check out

    "101 Pojects for your Porsche 911" - Wayne R. Dempsey then

    "Porsche 911 Performance Handbook" - Bruce Anderson

    lbrit..the L was a one year model swb 2.0L car for the 68 production year.

    T is for Touring
    E is for (german for) injection (as in fuel)
    S is for super (as in) super

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    Short course:

    The L was a one-year-only model in the US in 1968, I think -- inspired by US smog legislation. It was an S without the S motor.

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    911-T (Touring)

    911-E (Einspritzung= Injection) Took the place of the "L" as the mid range model.

    911-S (Super)

    911-L (Luxe)

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    Careful now lbritish. Shawn (Dante) has just laid out the path to eternal damnation

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    Well, they have given you the sources, but if I can give you some brief information. I'm a newbie that has gone through this recently, and decided to buy an "E" becuase they were cheaper. I then found out it was probably a better car for me anyway. So I will leave the "greyhairs" to discuss this from a deep and philosophical point of view, while I try to sum up. (BTW, what hair I still have is grey, but you guys have a lot more experience in this than I. So from that perspective, even Jack is a grey hair.)

    Porsche, like many car companies, tried to produce models that suited the needs of the marketplace. The "S" was the car that closely replicated what was needed for a track. High revving, high HP, with torque and HP at the top of the Rev curve. But it was expensive and the car wasn't easy to drive on the street. Starting out from a standing stop wasn't it's strong suit.

    Hence the "E". It has all of the accoutrements of a Porsche, and many of them came with the external and interior parts that made an "S" special or visually recognizable, a front spoiler, guages, etc. But the engine was more suited to the street than the track. It had cams that brought the torque down lower on the rev curve. The engine didn't rev as high, but as a car going from 0 - 60 mph, it was as fast or faster (barely) depending on what article you read and who you talked to. Many Porsche enthusiasts have said that their favorite Porsche was an "E".

    The "T" was the economy Porsche. It had a less sophisticated engine (different cam) and lower HP. Even in 73 when the S and E had MFI (that is mechanical fuel injection) the "T" was still carbed. It was slower off the line, less power overall. But it was still a Porsche, just a cheaper one.

    I am sure that I have butchered some of this, but I have tried to give you my take on the versions of the cars. The "L", you have to take the lead from the others, I just am not sure of the specifics. I believe that the "L" was a "S" style car with a "T" engine in it, but I'm not positive.

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    Wait! Wasn't there also an early model denoted only as '911' on the rear deck? Was that most similar to a T? I believe it was a 60s model
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    Oh sure...

    Back when there were no E's or T's and the S was first introduced. There was...the other 911.

    Factory detuned so as not to steal any "thunder" from the S, the poor little 911 "normal" had simple narrow trim and spartan interior upgrades. 911 "normal" was lucky to recieve only a few mechanical upgrades after 911S wore them out.

    Poor little 911 disappeared after 1967 and was forgotten about. There are clubs, registrys, and forums for every model 911 out there...not for little 911 "normal"

    Please let me stay. Shawn.
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    1965: 911

    1966: 911 (912 also introduced)

    1967: 911, 911S

    1968, Europe: 911T, 911L, 911S
    1968, US: 911, 911L (but with different specs than Euro 911L)

    1969-1973: 911T, 911E, 911S (with improvements made as time passed)

    1973: Carrera RS (no improvements needed )

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