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Thread: "Original Porsche" vs. New Old Stock

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    "Original Porsche" vs. New Old Stock

    I continue to see supposedly "original" parts in Porsche boxes/wrappers of questionable quality - mainly exterior trim pieces.

    Stoddard opened a Porsche marked box for me with a so-called original rear chrome bumper
    guard with noticeable pitting and sanding scratches under the new chrome plating... this for $250.00 each? WTF??
    It just didn't have the feel of what I would consider an original part.

    Also saw an "original" new rear reflector plastic surround which was noticably sub-par to the one that came on the car.

    So what exactly are these parts in the Porsche boxes? I can't believe they are truly original NOS, the quality just isn't there.
    Are they better described as Porsche "re-issue" parts, made post '73 by a vendor who may not be as quality conscious as the factory was 30 years ago?

    It seems like there are 3 levels of "new" parts for pre-1973 Porsches?

    1 (BEST) - NOS, made during production run, by the factory, and hidden away for years.
    2 (PASSABLE) - Original Porsche, re-issued and made sometime post '73 by a third-party vendor (usually in Germany). But, you better take a good look at it before plunking down the big bucks for the Porsche logo on the box!
    3 (NOT ON MY CAR) - Repro, Usually junk from whomever, wherever (yes, there are exceptions).

    Any thoughts on this??
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    There seems to be an increase in outright fake P parts being made.

    hey come in 'factory' looking boxes witha ll the correct tags, codes etc etc but are just fake. Made by third parties with no link to P other than getting their mits on the part to copy it.

    I'll take a risk and say that may see to otriginate in the Far East, where the manufacturing capacity is huge and the ability to create facisimiles is great.

    Plenty of people are getting caught out by these parts.

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