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Thread: hardware torque ratings

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    Question hardware torque ratings

    I'm in the middle of a suspension rebuild and am wondering if there is a good place (book or otherwise) where I could find the the torque recommendations for hardware.

    Tom Morgan
    Charlotte, NC
    '18 Carrera T - R #368, S #692
    1973 Giulia Super 1.3

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    Some time ago, early s man (Warren Hall)made a post on Pelican, listed a source for torque values based on the size, rating, and thread pitch of the fasteners. I did a search, but couldn't find it...maybe your search ability is better?
    Paul D. Early S Registry #8 - Cyclops Minister of West Coast Affairs
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    I'd look on the MCMaster-Carr website and those of other fastener compnaies -- first, I'd just Google a few terms incl. metric.

    But... use these only as a gap filler for things that are not listed in the tech. spec. book. Also, Bruce Anderson's book and most repair manuals list various ones.

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    Thanks guys. I've got a copy of the factory manual, but some times it says things like "...and then tighten to recommended torque rating." but then does not say what that is. Must be a German sense of humer thing.
    Tom Morgan
    Charlotte, NC
    '18 Carrera T - R #368, S #692
    1973 Giulia Super 1.3

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    I recently picked up a "Technical Specifications" book on ebay and it lists lots of torque settings. I can scan the suspension related pages and email it you if you PM me your email address.
    1967 911S
    2002 C4S

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    I dug this set of notes and clips from various posters out:

    Torque specs given in the Tech Ref books are Dry.

    Use 2/3 to 3/4, no higher, of the dry value for lubricated threads.

    The Factory always uses "dry" torque specs. The numbers are for clean, dry threads.

    Even the alloy lug nuts should NOT be lubricated on the threads, only the rounded shoulder. (Anti-seize is fine for these)

    We use a 'spot' of engine oil on studs and any fastener used in dissimilar metals.

    I use anti-seize on some brake stuff like sliding calipers, spark plug threads, and other places where heat and pressure together with fasteners that must be accessible.

    Engine assembly is always with engine oil, no anti-seize, and little at that. If the threads are too slippery, you can inadvertently strip an alloy threaded hole.

    Go ahead and buy some anti-seize to keep around. Get the Permatex stuff, its great and a small can will last you 5 lifetimes,,,...............
    - Steve Weiner, Rennsport Systems

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    I've said before I wish there was a list posted on one of these sites for such reference. the bmw 02 guys have pages w/ all sorts of DIY info

    example of the torque spec page:

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    I'll create such a page on the Registry website if someone wants to compile a list (with appropriate credit given) and validate the numbers with two other sources.


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    From what Behyar sent me it looks like everything is in the little spec book. A web resource for the info would be a help for others in the future, good idea Sherwood.
    Tom Morgan
    Charlotte, NC
    '18 Carrera T - R #368, S #692
    1973 Giulia Super 1.3

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