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Thread: R Gruppe Thank Yous

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    R Gruppe Thank Yous

    The annual R Gruppe weekend seemed to flash by.

    As great as the cars are, it's always the people that make the R Gruppe so enjoyable and it was great to see everyone. That particularly includes those who came long distances - for example both Rick and Jens all the way from Vermont (does that mean that the entire Vemont membership was in attendance?) and Thorsten Klein all the way from Germany.

    The venue and the organiztion of this year's event were just teriffic.

    I'm sure that others will join in, but special thanks to Cris, Freeman and Roger for their leadership roles and hard work in putting the event together.

    And thanks to all those who worked hard on the registration and t shirt distribution and to Freeman for the neat event logo design.

    And thanks also to John Risvold for organizing the Friday caravan from Southern California for those of us who couldn't go up on Thursday.

    And, as always, special thanks to Sam for the ever-present "Sam Cam".
    Dick Moran

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    The event really seemed to take a quantum leap forward, this year. I assume that Cris, Freeman and Roger are responsible for that, but there may be others. The banquet was a great idea. I think Cain did a great job as MC, and Cris' kid was a pretty good number puller.

    There were scores of beautiful, beautiful cars, just like in years past. But the setting at the Hyatt was a better place to display them. I can't wait to see Sam's pictures from Saturday, with the ducks in a row and the flanking cars representing every flavor of early sports-purpose 911.

    Everyone involved in the organization did a great job. Thanks!

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    Great Time!

    Fight delay after flight delay.....landed in Vt. at 1:05 this morning.
    Yes, all I can say is what Dick and Jack have already stated.
    Yes Dick, Jens and I represent two thirds of the Vt. ( jen's wife is the other third!) membership.
    I agree with Jack also about the stage at the Hyatt. Just the right size. Everything you need on the grounds.
    Super job on the behalf of the organizers. The sat. am drive was also 2nd to none.

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    Chiming in to thank Cris, Freeman, ...and everyone else.I had a blast, great cars, great drive, great venue, Thanks again!!!

    1969 911S-SOLD but not forgotten.
    1973 RSC

    Early S Registry #298
    RGruppe #258

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    I'm not an organizer of the event but I wanted to say thanks to everyone who made the trip to Monterey, for some it was a really long drive or flight. Thanks to Cris, Freeman and Roger as well plus a lot of others behind the scenes who helped this thing come together. Also, thanks for supporting Laguna Seca
    and our event this weekend. I hope those of you who attended enjoyed the Road and Track Invitational. I missed a lot of the
    RGruppe functions because I had to be at the track so I'm looking forward to hearing more reports from everyone who attended.

    I had the pleasure of transporting Bobby Allison for the day on Saturday, he was our Grand Marshall. We talked about just about everything including IROC RSR's. I'll start a post later
    and share some of his great stories. His life in racing is really fascinating. One quick story, after his 1988 crash at Pocono, his medical costs and recuperation time was extensive. NASCAR did not pay one cent of this costs and he was finally able to get his medical bills paid off 5 years ago. He had to sell almost everything he owned to help cover these costs. Seems to me that NASCAR could have helped out one of it's most popular personalities.....
    Bruce Herrmann
    '73 911S

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    I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Great venue/ great cars/ and above all great people. I look forward to next year

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    I know you had something to do with this weekends event at the track for the R Gruppe, so I want to thank you also.
    Ya, I think Allison got the short end of the stick from Nascar. Their pockets are deep enough to help out!
    I remember when he got out of one of the IROC RSR's and the commentator asked how the car drove. He replied that it was in his opinion that it was one of the worst cars he ever drove! The gear shift, the chassis.........hated the car.

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    Just Chiming in to add all the possible Kudo's to the organizers, Cris, Freeman, Roger, and the others who offered their time and energy. What more can be said. An amazing weekend with every possible need met. Thank You all. Sat's run was well thought out, the banquet, the cars, the people, the people......did I mention the ggreat people?

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are all so lucky to be joined together by our love for these phenominal cars. Is it May 2005 Yet???????
    2004 GT3 Carrara White with a few mods...
    2011 987.2 Spyder White, LWB's, 6 speed... Crazy Fun!!!

    R #208
    S #607
    A #76

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    I just want to contribute my thanks to Cris and all who helped organize the past weekend. Good location, great dinner program. I'd like to mention a word of thanks to Roger Grago for being the nice and considerate guy that he is - a part of the important support structure for the club.

    I just wish there were more time to chat with the different folks there. Everyone I talked to had great stories about their car; that's the neat part of the group. Everyone has their own unique story as to how their car was acquired, the condition it was in and how it ended up the way it did.

    We need a compendium of the history of each member's car. Maybe this is something the club can work on?

    I'd also like to thank Bruce Herrman for the effort he put forth to accommodate the RGruppe at the track; this besides all the other duties he assumed in putting together the show for the local PCA group - a big undertaking for a local PCA club. Bruce. Thanks much for your assistance on Sunday.


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    Great Weekend!

    I had a wonderful time at the R Gruppe gathering. Met some great people and re-connected with some friends. There wasn't enough time to talk to everyone and ogle all of the nice cars. Loved the fun run on Saturday. The Laguna Seca parade laps gave me a great perspective on a track I've always admired.

    A big thanks to Cris, Roger, Freeman and everyone else who pitched in for putting on this event. I look forward to next year in Monterey.

    Bert Jayasekera
    1970 911T - Tangerine Orange
    Early 911S Registry #494
    R Gruppe #167

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