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Thread: No more Ragamuffin. (Well, at least it's better now.)

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    No more Ragamuffin. (Well, at least it's better now.)

    Put the car back together after a month of metalwork and took it out for some fun at Fontana today. Did the lead/follow at lunch with fellow RGrupper (both of us are new) Lars Wiklblad.

    That's Lars in front of the Zekester.
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    I went to watch the action in the Cup race over in the junk. I snapped this just before leaving. Lonely over there.
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    Which car is that? I saw it on Sunday at the Speedway but I thought it was a SWB and not the 71S.

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    Hey, I like the look! Kind of a 911 version of the "2 lane blacktop" '55 Chevy...lean and mean.
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    Originally posted by racea911
    Which car is that? I saw it on Sunday at the Speedway but I thought it was a SWB and not the 71S.
    Nope. It's the real deal, a numbers matching 2.2 MFI S with all the interior and trunk pieces intact, albiet some in very poor condition. Cars are my hobby and I don't know what I would do with a finished one. Well, yes I do. I have another vintage car of a completely different nature that is 99% complete and has been shown at the street car shows. It gets driven less than once in 2 months. The 911 is just a gas to drive.

    But, my gawd does it handle poorly! I have been to the canyons and I thought I was doing OK. I get out on the big track and in the shorter turns at 40-50 mph, the thing rolls over something awful. I popped a sway bar link I think when I clipped a berm trying to be Schumacher. From there on, it was a real ride and we were starting to get it on running close to 100 in the big banked turn and coming into the infeild portion at near race speeds. I could feel the rear tires getting onto the sidewall. I played along and did OK, but I couldn't have really taken it much further. I checked my tires after the session and I actually snotted up some fairly hard compound Pirellis. It was fun. Can't wait for some more, but I need to do some serious suspension work.

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    please tell us more about the car. is that an RS front bumper or S? what kind of exhaust? future plans? looks to be like a real nice car.
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    I don't remember, but did you ever change the spring plate and trailing arm bushings? If not, I am sure those are really contributing to your poor handling. I changed those bushings and it totally transformed the car.
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    Looks downright serious Zeke! The no nonsense/we don't need no stinkin paint/rat racer/stealth fighter look.

    What was the original color - and what are your plans for finishing?? Is there a shiny coat of paint in this car's future?
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    Originally posted by bob tilton
    please tell us more about the car. is that an RS front bumper or S? what kind of exhaust? future plans? looks to be like a real nice car.
    I truely apologize. I have put up a lot of info on the car, it's past, how I got it, what I'm doing with it, etc. on Pelican. I'm not one for cross posts as I feel it's just redundant and taking up space.

    But, I see that there is some isolated interest here, so I will begin to bring more info over here. I can tend to be wordy at times and very opinionated. You might not like what you get, LOL.

    Let's start here with the exhaust. It is a home made sport muffler that Hans Stroher (sp?) had on his car and I picked it up to replace a hideous Manta four tip gizmo. (That thing sounded pretty good though, I must admit). Along the way, about two weeks ago, while I had the car stripped to bare metal in about 75% of the body, and while I had my welding gear all about the place, I made up a pair of megaphone cookie cutters and welded them over the too (intentional too)short tail pipes. It actually made the thing quieter! I'll post a closer pic later.

    The bumper is a fiberglass replica and, of course, is not correct.

    The bumper color is a home brewed platinum made from 4 parts '72 German silver and 1 part Mercedes gold. I did this to bring the color scheme closer to the original tan interior (straight silver was too cold) which will stay complete with the Sport seats. The upper body will be black and the bumpers will be connected colorwise with side script (=PORSCHE=) painted on in the same color. A bumper stripe in red or yellow will complete the RGruppe look.

    The rear bumpers are metal and painted like yours, Bob. Remember, I asked if you minded if I copied?.

    I'll be back with more, thanks for your interest.

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    sounds cool milt. like your thought process. i always thought this was a nice pattern/color scheme to do a non flared/no ducktail car. if i were to build another car i think i would find an old VW paint code book and look for something in a dark dark sea grey with warm rich yelo for stipes and script decals. a third color like a blood red would be nice as a thin outline to the stripe...that's just me. next time i am going to go with something less conservative.
    can't wait to see pics of the exhaust.
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