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Thread: Hood badges

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    Hood badges

    I took these badges off of my 72, and 73. Do they have any value? Should I look into having them refinised or just buy new ones?
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    Here is the front and excuse my spelling. I can spell refinish.
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    I would hang on to them. The correct replacement is inexpensive and it isn't worth going to a lot of trouble to refinish. But, still, it's not the original. Right now, I don't know of a refinisher, I'm sure there is one. It just won't pay to do it at maybe 3 times the price.

    One guy suggested that he was going to send his to a jeweler that had a kiln to do the porcelin. Repainting won't cut it unless someone knows how to fake porcelin. And then, I'm sure there is somone who does.

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    "Them there" are the real deals! Orange porcelin. Hang on tight.

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    Jared Rundell - Registered User JCR's Avatar
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    I spent over a year looking for a decent correct early badge. I bought one of the repros as a placeholder, but could never put it on; they are total krap IMO - especially when compared side by side to an original. The lack of craftsmanship/attention to detail is obvious. An automotive marque badge should look like fine jewelry - not something out of a novelty vending machine!

    The one with all of it's stripes looks pretty good - I'd definitely remount it as-is. In fact, I'd prefer the one with a missing stripe to a repro. The "patina" fits in well with early cars - even if they are near concours. Think of it as a proud testament to the cars age and all it has been through.

    Hang onto them... unless you want me to take 'em off your hands!
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    I want to thank everyone as Ive just started with the Porsche sickness. I bought a 72s in December and a 73t a few weeks ago. So of coarse Iv'e got lots of parts laying around and trying to figure out whats what and trying to get the S back to somewhat original.

    I now have a coupe and a targa. Next I need an E.
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    My thought? Just ignore the "project" in Wayne Dempsey's "101 projects for your 911" book that suggests replacing your hood crest. I sure did! (edit) Man, that is one nice looking garage! Hmmmm, maybe it's the cars parked in it???
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    Originally posted by Zeke
    One guy suggested that he was going to send his to a jeweler that had a kiln to do the porcelin. Repainting won't cut it unless someone knows how to fake porcelin. And then, I'm sure there is somone who does.
    Just a thought, don't know if it would be practical, but I have a couple of friends who do tub and tile refinishing with epoxy paints. They have to match colors on various bathtubs and sinks and patch chips and cracks in porcelain all the time, and the epoxy they use is very durable, polishes to a bright finish, and bonds well. It might be possible for someone in this kind of business to match the orange color and refinish these badges fairly easily, perhaps.

    Might be cheaper than having a jeweler do the cloisonne thing.

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    Tom, like I said, I'm sure it can be faked. That sounds like as good of a way as any.

    BtW, I'd like to clarify and empahsize my above post. I don't prefer the repro over the original. My is real doggy and I put it away in favor of the repro because I don't know what else I can do. And, for now, the money spent at the jewlers, or any other resto process might be better prioritized on some real necessities.

    Oh, and I bought the repro on the cheap, used. So, it's basically covering 2 holes in the hood.

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    ... and to give a price check on those. An original early one in similar condition to the ones above went on ebay for over $200 a couple of months ago.

    Hang onto them. I cry a tear everytime I look at my repro
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