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Thread: R Hand Mirror

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    R Hand Mirror

    Ordered a '73 RH mirror from Performance and it was a POS. It's going back tomorrow. The un-'finish' work around the mirror surround looked like it had been done by a 4 year old with epilepsy. I see a similar design in Tweeks/MidAmerica for $80. Any one had experience with this one?


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    The rh mirrors (and lefts) currently available are all made by the same aftermarket parts supplier. He's been having problems with getting the criimp process correct. He has been successful with his other round mirrors (almost 100% spot on), but not this... yet. He is painfully aware- myself and others pester him constantly on when the new pieces will be available. But so far he has not had any success
    Since there never was a real matching rh mirror from the factory (RHD cars had round ones at first, then a crappy VW part plastic one later) you will have to be patient - or use the slightly larger- but perfectly made- bmw mirror from the 320i- styled differently, but looks great in pairs on a 911 (about $125 each)
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    I ordered a pair of round aftermarket durant mirrors from Performance Products. Not only was the quality bad, one mirror actually began to rust after three months on the car! But I also discovered that if I placed the right mirror where the factory would place a right mirror for a RHD car, I would not be able to use/see the right mirror from my LHD drivers seat. So I/m still only driving with one left side mirror.
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    I am having the exact same problem with the quality of the RH mirror and actually seeing anything out of it!

    Unfortunately, RH mirror was installed before I noticed the mirror was virtually useless.

    Does the BMW mirror install without modifying the existing mounting holes? And is it any better as a RH mirror than the current offering. For example, is it convex, as in 'objects are closer than they appear' mirror?

    Anyone have any other ideas to make the RH mirror more useful?



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    ahh.. the age old problem of symmetry vs function: before installing a rh mirror, go look at a 911 SC or Carrera. What do you notice? the rh mirror is mounted at the base of the quarter lite in the window frame. Why? You sit on the left side of the car. So those of you that drilled holes in your car (on the RH side using the LH side as a pattern) did it wrong. Too late- your passengers will enjoy the rear view for you
    Properly designed mirrors for left and right will look slightly different on their bases. The BMW units can use the left side oem mounting holes, but as there was not rhd mounting holes on early cars, you have to position the RH first, check the views, then remove door panel to access the back side where you will drill holes and fasten the rh unit.

    Why did Porsche have those holes on the RH side in the door shell? For UK , Aus, Japan, and other RH countries of course
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    Dave's right....

    Ya-know, a few years ago I agonized over this delama...

    Did the RH mirror homework ... made the calls to the UK (thought da-Brits must have a better way )

    I finally came up with my own on-stock wussie way...

    I put a 2" convex dot mirror on the extreme right side of my rear view interior mirror... and while I was at it... put one on the extreme left side of my stock LH small retangle door mirror....

    No more agonizing... on to the next delama...

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    I like Chuck's rear view mirror idea, and was wondering if anyone remembers the 'Wink' rear view mirror(s) from the 1980's. I remember seeing ads for them in the VW&Porsche magazine.

    Did anyone actually install them in their car? And if so, was it useful. The wink mirrors had about 4 mirrors in a row so that you could see the rear of the car at different angles.

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    Wink mirror? sure they make them in 4 or 5 panel. i run 5 panels in my own 914-6 and client's 911s. they are fantastic- they take a little getting used to- there being no "night" provision and the view can be overwhelming. there is a 4 panel for tighter confines.
    You can't use the sun visors though- great excuse for a winshield advertising header

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    Originally posted by TRE Cup
    Why did Porsche have those holes on the RH side in the door shell? For UK , Aus, Japan, and other RH countries of course
    As the right hand slaps the forehead! Oh, yeah, economy of production. Holes were stamped on both doors for US and Euro cars!

    I wish the dealers that drilled holes in perfectly good door skins would have had the benifit of TRE Cup's wisdom. Fukin hackers, "Lets put some air conditioning in there too...We'll sell these buckets quicker with that...hyuck hyuck."

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    I'd be laughin right now but I'm in the process of pulling out said Hyuck Hyuck AC.

    On to the incredible lightness of being...
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