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Thread: Porsche pic website 911R, bronze

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    Question Porsche pic website 911R, bronze

    I just found this website...

    Is that somebodies collection???

    It shows a viper green and a red RS...
    Those cars look so familiar to me... ROB, DICK???

    It also shows a bronze colored 911R, it says from 68?? Is that real??

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    The bronze one went from that shop to Rensport '01. Sold to new owner and then stripped/repainted in same color in '02 by P Scalli. Don't know what happened to it after that. Apparently this car was always this color from Day one. Restored once by Gunnar in the 80's. Lots of bondo in rear quarter - which Scalli redid. Cool car. Jens has pictures somewhere on his hardrive I'm sure - hopefully he will repost them

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    The shop in '01 was Autosport Design in NY......

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    Somebody email me that site this morning, and much to my surprise that is indeed my RS. Looks like the pics were from the PO, as I can make out what looks to be the Pennsylvania license plate colors in one pic.

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    More on the Bronze R...

    I seem to recall reading about this car somewhere (like Panorama, or Excellence) and one of the key points of the article was that the original buyer special ordered this color, so that it would match his wife's current car ( a caddy or something).

    This article was quite some time ago, so I could have this all wrong...

    Just a trivial data point.

    Thom Kuby

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    Posted on that site: The 74 RS 3.0 and 74 RSR are the same car- I used to own it and even took it to R Gruppe Cambria in 2001. It sports modified rear fenders (to accomodate the 11" fuchs) and the original fenders are in the owner's possession (turbo fronts on the car) The motor is a twin plug 3.0 RSR high butterfly and it was a ball to drive on the street (don't even mention the track - nirvana!)
    Looks like he is grabbing pix here and there to make a nice gallery

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    thom is correct. it's a cadillac gold. this car was on the cover/feature article of excellence in '96. i forget the issue but can ck when i get home.
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    Hey Guys,

    For what it is worth some of those Autosport pictures are 5 to as much as 8 years old. The ST was in 98.



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    I think the bronze R is the ex-Miles Collier, ex-Prescott Kelly car. Originally a Heischmann's car I think.

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    I do have photos of this R, but they're hard copy. I'll get around to scanning them.

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