I was at Bugalow News here in Pasadena today purchasing my first Porsche publication ( 911 & Porsche, UK) in a long time, and the clerk asked if I was a Porsche owner. Of course I said I had owned a few, on occasion, when he handed me a flyer for the first Black organized car show happening at the Rose Bowl on June 19th, 2004.

It appears that the orgaizers have put a lot of time into this event and sounds like they could have a good turn out. I mentioned to the cashier I would post this event on "our" S & Rgruppe websight.

For those interested, I believe the fun will begin around 8AM and will go on through about 2-3 PM.

For more info ( because I lost the flyer) email me and I will contact the cashier to get another flyer..

Be well boyz...