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Thread: Refurbishing Fuchs

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    Refurbishing Fuchs


    You may recall the saga of the '70 911S "barn car" that I found and bought in Nova Scotia:

    My mechanic and I put it on the rack and thoroughly inspected it the other day (he's like an archeologist on a dig). It turns out that there are no signs of collision damage/repair and there is no rust. And other then a cheap respray and the substitution of Webers for the MFI, it's original. In any event, I have decided to keep it.

    I have a set of deep sixes that I would like to get refurbished. I know that a lot of folks use Al Reed -- and I have also heard of someone in Northern California who also does great work. Can someone provide me with contact information for Al and the name and contact information for the guy in NorCal?

    Thanks for your help,
    John Audette

    P.S. Would Rick Cabell please contact me directly?

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    B-b-buy Bushwood?!?!
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    Al Reed Polishing
    Congrats on your barn find.
    Sandy Isaac
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    The "other" wheel guy you might want to talk to is:

    Harvey Weidman...
    Weidmans Wheels (530) 534-7903

    He is located in Oroville, Ca

    For what it's worth, I have a set of 6x15s done by him (and haven't been mounted since) in my parts collection. They are absolutely top-notch, done in factory satin w/black trim...Got em from a good friend of mine, Product wise, you can't go wrong...I have no idea what he charges (vs Al Reed)

    Hope this little bit helps.
    Cheers - happy 4th
    Thom Kuby

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    Al Reed

    Harvey Weidmen
    #711 - expires 12/05
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    Last year, Al Reed was $50 per wheel for deep 6's polished and painted, no coatings. I have some 15 x 7's coming in and I will take them over there and see what the cost is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeke
    Last year, Al Reed was $50 per wheel for deep 6's polished and painted, no coatings. I have some 15 x 7's coming in and I will take them over there and see what the cost is.
    I took two sets to him 3 months ago and still haven't gotten them back, so his backlog has grown tremendously, or there is some problem with my wheels that he hasn't told me about yet. I went for the factory anodized finish, so that adds another step he has to outsource, which may be part of the extended time frame. He charges $120 for the the full polish/anodize/paint per wheel now, and a straight polish and paint is $75, I believe.

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    Al Reed

    Al did the wheels for my RS. They are BEAUTIFUL!
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    Current Thread on Pelican

    There is a thread running on Pelican concerning Al Reed and a set of wheels that he just did. There are some great pictures of wheels he did, if anyone wants to look.

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    I'll tag onto Mr. Morans post (Dick, I bought another car!!!, gee what a surprise..).

    Anyway, Al's "finish" is a one step process on the "aluminum" portion of the wheel, so the finish is consistent, and looks the same on the edge of the rim, to the downside of the spokes (which isn't "correct" but still looks damn nice!). Harvey does the correct "two step" (for lack of a better explanation), and puts a rougher finish, and ad's file marks etc to the down side of the spokes, and also on the lip towards the paint line.

    The difference between the two processes is probably most notable on the 67S wheel, where so much of the "unfinished and filed" portion of the wheel is "exposed", and the factory only "polished" the edge of the rim, and the spoke "tops" and just a little down the side.

    I have done a lot of work with both of them....and depending upon my needs will continue to use both of them....


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    I nominate Eric as Fuchs El Jeffe

    Thanks for the precise explation of the split finish issue.

    So, what's the new car?
    Dick Moran

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