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Thread: Vintage race graphics: Creative input anyone?

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    Vintage race graphics: Creative input anyone?


    As I get ever closer to getting the Homemade 911 back out on course, I've been playing with different decal layouts. What I thought I'd do is go for a period, european "FIA-style" look...that said, I've been experimenting with different period-sponsor logos for placement on the door directly below the door handle - there's a reason for this: I have some paint/prep issues limited to about a 10" round area here on the passenger door. Since I'm anxious to get back out there, I figure I can take this particular wart up with the body/paint guy later...ergo, cover it up for the time being.

    Anyway, I've attached a sketch with one proposed decal layout. I know there's a huge amount of creative talent running amok around here, and I value your collective input...I could use some "different eyeballs" here.

    so, what d'yawl think? Thanks so much in advance for taking the time...looking forward to your comments.
    Thom Kuby
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    Hey Thom...

    I love the look - and that you haven't gotten too carried away. There's something about the vintage logos of past (or past versions) of bygone products that fit these cars well. The Martini livery is one of my favorites, and the Bic logo seems to just belong on the rear quarter where you have it.

    So many newer race cars have just gotten carried away with too many logos competing for attention(especially NASCAR). All in the name of team supporting revenue, I know... but it would be nice if there was a little more creativity and attention to detail. On a side note, I have wondered about the hard slab sides of F1 cars which came about a few years ago - and what the function of those flat surfaces were (F1 design being all about function... right?). As a car designer, I have seen this have an influence on consumer car forms. Turns out, the only function is to create more space for sponsor logo decals - thus increasing team revenue, and research budgets to make the cars faster. Surprising to me, but I suppose it all makes sense when you consider it's all about the $.

    I like the logos and placement you have chosen, if I were to get picky:
    - The wheels look too big, and/or the car too low (probably just a function of the way you generated the image).
    - I would consider a different font for the number - something simple but with a bit more attitude. (what you have isn't bad though).
    - Definitely keep bright window trim - not black.
    - R lights would look good.
    - Racing stripe on the top would look great - along with a center fill setup.
    - Add a big wing (just kidding).

    That's my .02.
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    Post the link to the site that has this graphic program (911 parts shop). I've used it before. It allows you to lower the car, change the wheels, the color of the car and or course, decals. It's a UK site but I don't have it save on this pc.


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    further clarification(s) on sketch

    Jared (et al)
    Thanks for the all helps.

    Just some notes on some of the drawing "details" if you will:
    1. I got this 911 side view from a buddy a while back: with the original file, you were able to raise/lower the image & change colors, and not much else...however the illustrator did the wheels waaay too big - I have no control over that one. My joke is that the illustrator must own a Cadillac Escalade, fitted w/26" bling-bling rims.

    2. black window trim: Same basic deal as above; can't change it. My car has the normal bright aluminum trim, found on the '68s. I won't be messing around with that - I like the brightwork.

    3. Number fonts - I agree...jury's still out on the one I used. I'm a big fan of serif fonts; but it's tough to find one that really "works". I might go back to something a little "thicker & italic"

    4. R lights - ditto. not in the budget right now...

    5. A through-the-hood centerfill cap would be totally cool. I have an older, 15 galllon Fuel Safe cell in the car now, the filler neck is perfectly oriented down the center-line. again, it ain't quite in the budget right now...

    6. wings - got a Whitney catalog I can look at?

    again, thanks for the input.
    Thom Kuby

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCR
    vintage logos of past (or past versions) of bygone products fit these cars well.
    I agree.
    I think your car looks fine as is.
    For some more obscure and period correct choices you could try a Google search for some 60s or early 70s product logos. They don't even have to be racing or car oriented logos. For example Peter Gregg's early 70s 911 had Garrard Record Players on it. The era of Record players takes me back 20 or 30 years, good vintage apeal.

    The large white circle under a car # was common in the 60s.

    I would consider vinyl for your project. The vinyl artist can reproduce the exact fonts and logos on his computer prior to installation. He can send you art work via email so you can see it on the PC before it is installed. Later when you get a new graphic idea just peal off the old vinyl.

    I'm searching for a small decal to go above the wheel arches where a little tire rub has cracked the paint.
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    Thom, interesting thread...... I will be doing a somewhat vintage theme on my own 911 here very'll be a surprise so I'm keeping it that way.....

    I say go for looks GREAT!!!
    Johnny Riz
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    I've always liked the way your car looks... It always seems to sit right and look right.

    After looking at your possible new scheme the only suggestion I would make is:

    If I remember you car it's Ivory (not light ivory) ...
    Try playing with putting your number in a full white circle for some more contrast.

    ... or not ... I think what you've come with looks pretty good.

    Chuck Miller
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    i've always been a fan of the emory cars and a fan of "less is more".
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    I loved Thoms car...

    the first time he posted a picture of it on the registry. I cannot retrive an image to repost...but it was sweet the first time, Thom.

    I understand that you want to do something different this time around. But I was a fan of the first edition. It will be a sweet car no matter what you choose. It seems that most of us here prefer period paint colors, style, and decal placement. Nice group we got here.

    However, this one has always been a favorite of mine.

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    or if you insist on the advertising:
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