My mechanic is well into a rebuild of my 2.0L '69S engine. It's in pieces and measurements are being made to check tolerances etc. At the same time I've been reading Wayne Dempsey's 911 Rebuild Book. My mechanic suggested that we don't need to replace the cylinders, that we have them refinished with a Nikasil coating. Wayne mentions a few times in his book that, "Oil (piston) squirters must be installed (in the pre '71 engine cases) if you are using Nikasil cylinders." When I asked my mechanic about this he fealt it wasn't neccessary. Is this a costly or complex upgrade. As long as the rebuild doesn't require cylinder or piston replacement I hadn't intended to modify anything ie. displacement etc. But I am interested in sensible upgrades that would benefit basic performance and engine life span. Any opinions out there?

While we're at it, how about the camshaft housing oil line restrictors Wayne mentions on page 83?

Thanks for any feedback.


P.S. Thanks to the guys who responded to my front end alignment issues. I think the thread got lost in the recent hacking drama.