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Thread: how much

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    how much

    [sorry if this has been discussed, first post ]

    So I think that the 64-73 911 is the greatest looking Porsches ever penned (and it's up there with the 288 GTO on the all cars list) so that naturally lends itself to me dumping unreasonable amounts of money into buying one in the near future. It has to be a coupe, and naturally, if there's more speed and danger involved, the better - an S. I'm in Canada, which makes things more difficult.

    I've heard the common advice of buying the latest you can afford, since they made the engine more tractable, sorted out the handling (what, no more lead reinforcements in the bumpers ) and they don't rust like a bastard. Nonsense, it has to be an early 911. No, the real question is that concerns me is how much I should be spending on this early 911. My inclination would be as little as possible, but that, I've heard, has violent repercussions - how much you skimp on purchase is how much you'll end up spending on repairs/restoration... if not more. Violently more.

    Anyway, here's two fishy looking cars. Now, mind you, I'm not looking for a prisitine car, more of a 'project'. Ideally I'd take the whole thing apart and rebuild it, but not necessarily with tens of thousands of dollars of new parts involved. These cars (early 911s, red, coupes) come up rather rarely in and around Toronto, Canada, so I'm quite tempted to snap one of them up...

    Year: 1969
    Make: PORSCHE
    Model: 911S
    Model Detail:
    Price: $10,000
    Mileage: 135 km
    Date: 7/16/2004
    Ad Type: Private
    Comment: This car is rebuilt & has been driven only summers. A near complete parts car with a fibre glass wide body kit can also be purchased with it. 135 km. $10,000.
    And a 'lesser' one...

    Year: 1971
    Make: PORSCHE
    Model: 911E
    Model Detail:
    Price: $5,200
    Mileage: ------- km
    Date: 7/16/2004
    Ad Type: Private
    Comment: Euro spec, updated, 2.4L eng, 5 speed, 15" fuch wheels, s front spoiler, updated headlights, red on black, leather very solid body and floors, needs injection to run nice clean car, $5,200 b.o.
    Those prices are canadian, so this is getting suspicious. I wouldn't mind a restoration project - in fact, that's what I'm looking for - I just don't want to get in over my head... Of couse, PPI would be best idea for these things, anyone know about early 911 gurus around Ontario, Canada? And, as before, the price ranges for such cars.

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    There are lots of "early 911 gurus" in and around Toronto - I'm not a guru, just an accolyte! I haven't seen those cars around, but the prices are VERY suspicious!

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    to restore an early 911,use $ 40,000 plus as a guide line to get a great paint job,new interior,excellent mechanics,wheel restoration,exhaust system. much better to buy a done car or pay a premium for a original unrestored car in excellent condition

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    I wouldn't plan on putting any serious money in a car unless you can do ALL the work and use the money for parts. This is what I do and it's barely afforable.

    OTH, any work already done should be treated with the highest suspicion. Too many hacks out there and cars that are for sale that have been fixed up scare me big time. I'd much rather have an original car and pay accordingly. If the car passes the rust test and is more or less original, that's a candidate for a project.

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    Hmmm, this is unsettling, I thought they'd be more accessible. I'm not looking to have a car with top notch mechanicals, paint, interior - not right away, anyway. Just something driveable and reliable... pristine condition will come later when I can afford it. An really, the last thing I'm looking for is restoring the car to exact matching parts. If the seats are a year off or something, I don't think that'll too greatly diminish my ownership experience.

    By the way, what's the racing scene like with these cars, I'd assume it's eligible for a lot of vintage events.

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    I remember a t-shirt that said something like "Porsche is German for 'Give me all your money'". If you want reliable, get a Camry. If you want a car with a lot of character that needs regualr adjustments, can be expensive to repair and allows you to meet lots of nice people, spend the right money at the start and get the 911.

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    For what you are looking for, I would highly suggest a hot-rodded non-S (911T or E). Can have the same performance (depending on what is done to it), and starting with a non-numbers matching non-S is way cheaper (what, $15k cheaper?) For maybe $15k US, I think you can get in the game with a car that provides basically the same driving experience as an early S (this is what I've done). But, you are still going to spend on an on-going basis- a couple thousand per year, easy.
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    Ditto what has been said thus far. If you are in Toronto, call Jay Lloyd at Automega (MJK911 will confirm this) or umpteen others, if you find a car near Ottawa, call Al Bass, if you find a car near Montreal, do not even consider buying it. Always spend the money to have the car checked out.

    90% of good cars will never show up in the Autotrader (which is where I think you got those two?). Instead, look in Hemmings, Panorama, and of course, right here. And be prepared to travel.

    Oh yeah, even if you buy a car from a friend, make sure you check the VIN

    As per Turbo Dave, Ts are great cars, and will cost half as much.

    And don't forget: 'there are no cheap Porsches'.

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    I got a chuckle out of that second ad for the '71....

    "... needs injection to run"

    Sounds like a junkie 911 to me .

    P.S. above posts are LOADED with good advice - from those who KNOW!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbo Dave
    But, you are still going to spend on an on-going basis- a couple thousand per year, easy.

    I hope not, or I'm in a world of hurt with the lady I live with!!!

    I was expecting that buying a car with solid mechanicals, I should be able to maintain it with low mileage driving (5K annually) for about $1,000 annually.

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