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Thread: LWB shell differences

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    LWB shell differences

    Hi, What are the differences in the sheet metal between the LWB 69 - 71 cars, and the later 2.4 shell.

    I know a few, parcel shelf, oil door etc. Just trying to educate myself.
    Done a search, nothing.

    Pictures would be great.



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    Rear shock towers are a bit different/wider on the 2,4 cars compared to the 2,2 cars. Se tread about swapping the steel trailing arms with alu trailing arms.

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    Thanks John. Anymore guys.?

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    From memory :

    different shaped rear seat pan area for 915 transmission on '72/'73 cars

    different shape (profile) to crossmember in engine compartment connecting rear shock absorbers

    area where rear antiroll bar mounts to 'chassis' is different on '72/'73 cars

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    Thanks Andy. Anymore.?

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    I'm probably wrong, but I thought they kept the same cool factory SWB threaded seat belt anchors for the first year of the LWB ('69 only) chassis......

    I know for a fact the 2.4 chassis don't have'm, and I'm pretty sure the 2.2's don't either.
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    Thanks Chuck.

    The european 2.2's have those cool seat belt anchors. They are on my 70T. Dont know about US cars.

    Keep em coming.


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    There are changes in body contruction pieces in LWB short hoods. But they do not neccesarily coincide with a change from 2.2 L to 2.4 L . What I mean that there are some other changes besides those listed below...some earlier MY to 1971MY ...some 1972 - 1973MY

    Here are the main changes I could find from 1971 to 1972 MY . I do not know WHAT the changes are specifically, but these main pieces are differant (these are all in the PET) :

    Shift tunnels (both LHD & RHD / all bodies)

    Floorpan (RHD / all bodies)

    rear L & R frame side members (both LHD & RHD / all bodies)

    dashboards (LHD / all bodies)

    front wheel housing - R & L (both RHD & LHD / all bodies ?)

    Rear bulkhead - R & L (both RHD & LHD / both bodies)

    Rear R side panel (qtr panel) ...(both RHD & LHD / both bodies)

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    First I've heard about the cool seat belt anchors. Any pics?

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    There are lots of differences as listed. If I can get some more time I will try and post some others with pics. For now here are the rear anchors. These are on an original 73 RS we restored. Not all UK or European cars got these, I have seen a mix of with and without.



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